Saturday, 26 May 2018

Twelve Easy Parsecs

-The Lowdown-Fine  the kid did good -movie served function had a nice set of locations and variation of styles -I'd see all these one off movies as a piece of a puzzle , rather if we see Alden again in Lando or Boba but Solo 2 no point. better everyone gets story told

Better than The Last Jedi -although very different in it's objective -eventually Last Jedi and Force Awakens questions will be answered -I'm thinking Rey is the result of The Emperor tinkering with midichlorians and cloning om Jakku -and Snoke or his entire species Palpatine made contact with them before death- her parents were junkers but not her real folk as she's a clone... Planet of the Snokes they could be hive mind species -bloody millions of them most likely wrong but it's fun to theorize . No spoilers has a nice pattern starts off as a noir-moves onto war on Mimbian kind of like trench warfare , then western with train heist, then it becomes Pike City always dug those guys(even though bad guys-good scum like Vorcha lol) Lando was like Chuck Berry and maybe a little bit of Little Richard  so he did well enough for his own spin off.Wonderful performance from whole cast although seemed there was no time to grieve.Ben & Boba next I'd go Spaghetti western on this one -no helmet removing -better to focus on the legend rather than the man itself -the characters trying to escape him could be the movies protagonists Fett himself the movies motive like Yul in Westworld . Sound advice.

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