Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Star Wars "Death in the City of Bone" re-coloured Part 3

More of Leia and Fenn Shysa's adventure on Mandalore re-coloured by me Art by Gene Day & Tom Palmer

Total nightmare this page -thought I'd  use paint bucket and alternate between layers and background in order to colour in the prison bars (interesting experiment Gene was trying out here-I guess he was trying to show events through Tobbi's eyes perhaps?) but I either have to work out how to colour in multiple layers or colour the way I've been doing and not rely on shortcuts- can't believe I coloured the Black Major in it's entire form without layers -would of been so much better  with layers
 Oooh bugger! just noticed 3PO's wiring (which are various colours  -I'll come back to this one  once 'I've completed rest of story-sorted now)

Enter Tobbi Dala !

That's more like it.... love these wraparound pages -- my laser bolts aint  too straight - but I'm human not software  I've noticed how colourists have worked out how to do laser blasts over the years -but they'll never top my  explosions . About 8 or 9 pages to go I'll try and stick with it through the Summer

Onto  "Olie  A Star Wars Story "
or the original Captain Obvious- (b4 that unfunny advert that copped his nick name) whatever happened to Ric after a Phantom Menace? I checked Wookipedia  seems like his story ended- but he must of been kicking around during The Clone Wars and beyond He totally deserves his own spin off movie in my opinion  could point out obvious things throughout movie (such as  Palpatines true identity- maybe that's how he met demise) Ralph's the best hope he gets a chance to reprise role

. Who is this guy? is it just an empty suit of Armour or A Mando bodyguard -or the Fettser himself?
I noticed Voss has foot soldiers but not half as cool as this dude- trying to avoid spoilers is gonna be tricky next few days - I won't go by reviews which  seems positive on the whole but not earthshaking -I just expect an interesting  and fun Space Western -nothing too heavy  I get a feeling all these films will have loose connections would like to see Jyn again perhaps characters in Solo will bump into her either in Kenobi or future movie- Ms Nest is only 16 apparently sounds about right for a gang -she's also signed up for more movies The fate of  the mighty Boushh So I guess he's still alive -would like to see these events put into a RPG game or something they seem to be random snippets from a much bigger story nice to see Skorr the Bounty Hunter from Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson's newspapers strips hanging about in background too... Jaxxon too

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