Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Time for a re-birth -I think it's a more apt name -been pushing "Rumble" for years but it's gotten old .It's time to look towards the future or at least the present .. a few versions of this Garage standard. "Eight hours in the Jailhouse" -I know all about that-not that I make a habit of it these days lolMika and the boys.. I guess they'd spend alot more time in the jailhouse with those woodentops on head. ..No real footage of The Sparkles -but a few members turned up in "Pearly Gate"aka "The Plastic Axe" guess this would be about 67 or 68
Not sure I'll lose listeners or whatever but I prefer this name now... theres a few "Rumble Radios" knocking about -I think they deal with wrestling so to avoid confusion this blog and station will now be know as Hipsville365.AD -as I wanna live there ..and it's a cool name naturally.

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