Wednesday, 3 June 2015


One of the features I've added more of to my playlists are random yet well chosen pieces of dialouge
from the silver screen here's a few examples -beginning with high drama on the high seas featuring Adam West and Burt Ward and a Rubber Shark

Featured a few extracts from The 1966 Batman movie (it is a classic ) it's just a pity that I couldn't include the scene that follows this (featuring the slew of selfless Porpoises that give they're lives saving the dymanic duo)as the dialouge is too short for Live365 as where I get these sound bites tends to only have short bursts of speech 5 seconds or shorter don't work sadly -and sometimes the dialouge runs into the next line which cuts off short and doesn't really make much sense-so I'm quite choosey what goes up online although there's so much more I'd like inbetween songs- but for years I've featured Jack as George from Easy Rider-love his character as well as Captain America and Billy but George has had plenty of airtime over the years.

Another fine example of a man and a role model has got to be young master Withnail-another classic Rougish moment-I'll never delete this one... kind of apt I reckon when talking about tunes on playlist and it don't mean the song prior is "balls" mind you .. just that Withnail wants to up the tempo..
One of the latest additions and among my faves are a few lines delivered by the late great Jim Kelly from a scene in "Enter the Dragon" here's a short clip featuring both of them...
Never a truer word spoken Private Bond
Gotta round off post with a decent car chase through a mall ..precisely what they're built for. May actually try to organise these little bits of speech into some kind of order at some stage .. I listen V.I.P so what hapens is they tend to play three of them in a row ..which is not how I intended it to be -but it means re-arranging the playlist into some kind of order which is boring to me -I like to play russian roulette with the listeners ears -It's very random and I like that-not quite sure what listening to this as a non V.I.P listener would be like -but I hope it plays havoc with the advertising.

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