Saturday, 20 June 2015

Painterman 2

Another early photoshop portrait- bit of a breakthrough this one -not sure about the hair but skin tone and eyes  I like (really scary how ten years seem to go like lightning -when I was ten seemed to take a long while to get to that age lol) now it's gone in the blink of a eye... maybe I drink too much coffee.
This is rather a sad one for me this one-this is Hanne a lovely girl on  Deviant Art  a animator -she was great at that-she studied in London but was from Denmark . I painted this shortly after she died for her boyfriend  -it was a terrible shock one minute we were chatting on myspace about the Joboxers - the next she was  gone -this was around christmas as well.. she was having a baby at the time too -died in childbirth -you'd think Denmark was a modern  country with really good health care - I hope her man is ok - life is so cruel.
Another girl from deviantart -a beautiful Scottish model and photographer Tryste -I  really liked the red stripe at the front of her fringe had a good fashion sense when it came to gothing up too - she took a brillant photo with these colours in the background (I guess froma aeroplane)So  thought I'd make that the background  .I guess it must of been one of the first times I used motion or gaussian blur  too..
When your a kid from my generation -the original  Star Wars generation -you either wanna be this guy or this guy...
It's good to know within thirty or so years I'll still want to be like Captain Solo -he'll probablystill be blastin' these guys well into his hundreads lol

I do love Cloud City -especially the Carbon  Freezing Chamber -in the unlikely event I ever strike it rich I'd have one myself -would be a nice lounge lol -love the colours and smoke you see - Guess the starting point for  this was a cover by Cynthia Martin  on the  80's Star Wars comics and Gene Day's Fenn Shysha cover  was the inspiration for the Boba picture above-thought it would  be cool to use space photography for the background-I think it's the Belt of Orion (Seeing as he's  a hunter)
Final pic today features Hedy Lamarr the actress - I think I was inspired to paint this after seeing a documentary about her - not this one -but very smart lady as you'll see from this  clip.

Really had to put something up here again-sure you can find all this on flickr but it's easy to get distracted by all the photography there -which is what that sites primally for -so thought I'd stick these up again .. not sure anyone really notices on Facebook either -gets kind of frustrating - perhaps you find true happiness in creativity rather than just trying to get noticed all he time a past time that some people are real masters at but not me - I really need to keep going as this is the only thing I have ultimately/-and that's a good thing as some people  can get very lost...
It does bug me that  the linkwithin thing doesn't seem to work for some reason-no idea why? perhaps it's because I changed the name and address of blog - and I don't thiink I'm installing it wrong or anything.

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