Sunday, 21 June 2015

Turn it Up Sundays

"Turn it Up1"-was a show broadcast by Radio Sussex from about 1983 or 84 up until mid 90's
I do miss that show - it was a rare thing -a show made by youngsters for youngsters and the ingrediants were great- I'd tune in every Sunday from about 1988 till 1994 -where I think  it got replaced by fucking Cricket or something that  I couldn't give two monkeys about -(whoever decided to cancel it was from squaresville and in effect killed the urgency of the 90's for me -not Kurt topping himself ) I did miss it towards the end as I was at University in Surrey so I couldn't pick up the signal but I could from my hometown .. that show exposed me to so  many different acts , it wasn't the standard fair computer programmed playlist or the never ending chatter which Radio Kent offered a the time(I think they only had about ttwo records Alison Moyet and Shaky lol) -it was so refreshing (the 80's and early 90's were more vibrant than I gave them credit at the time) so In a attempt to recreate that feeling of trying to pick up a decent signal on my old ghetto blaster(I live in Kent so sometimes signal wasn't so great) It was first time I heard local heroes The Mystreated on the radio -then once show was over trot over to Sandgate and see them play -which was great... also first place I heard the Mummies (I will always remember their Garage special -with  14 Iced Bears and Fire Dept covering classics from 66..introduced me to so much .. I have that show on tape as well as live concerts of Spitfire and House of Love broadcast  from that show... just  a pity I have no tape recorder anymore lol ).. so what I've tried to do here is gather up my memories of that show and compile a playlist to give you a gist of what the show was like the -a few concerts and songs  featuring the artists  they'd play and interview -was  on par with what John Peel was doing -only lasted two hours once a week -but a great  escape from the norm -.. So thank you Mike, Gem ,the dude that worked at Shakin Street recorda(got lots of cool stuff from there )and the other DJ's on that show(it's where Jo Wiley got her start as well.. though don't really recall her )

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