Sunday, 14 June 2015


Strange to think this is ten years ago when I painted this with a mouse-I was 32 -I thought I was ancient back then-lol -this is titled Mona -as it's her name-I've lost contact with her sadly we were  pals over the internet -probably married now -everybody seems to be except me-sometimes I think  been an artist is the lonilest occupation in the  world(don't mind me got a  bit of hangover today)I hardly ever draw with a pen or pencil these days got so used to  this technique it's totally my own style now. .. wish I could get the spirit back to finnish my latest page so thought I'd stick some of my portraits up to reeboot my arse into gear lol..
Another lady-friend I won't give out her name as she'd kill me lol .. but I like this one I thnk I got her excatly right this time -I've done quitea few portraits of her over the years - but I think this one's has the best resemblance -pics not very big-but it doesn't really need to be... I'll post a few pics of some friends kids next...

More recent this picture-last year in fact my mate misses his kids, he wanted me to paint them so I did I think this took about two days -I am kind of fast when it comes to portraits -but not so fast with comics these days -perhaps I'm becoming too precious -shouldn't really -should just blast them out and move onto the next page..
An Old school mate wanted a pic of his Son with Boba Fett and Jango Fett with his kid in the thick of the action -always liked Bespin for its colours-and always thought Boba looked dead cool -so  this was fun to do-and good practice for  Mandalorian story I'm writing (not sure I'll actually paint it -but I might put script up on this page if I feel it's good enough to post (started writing it at start of the year  only a quarter of the way through first episode -have to get the Star Wars bug again to resume writing it I guess)
Tohka -a Japanese model -one of the first portraits I did with a mouse -kind of practice for my Louisa Sheen character as she wears this kind of gear- Before I worked in pen and ink -but with photoshop rather than just blacks and whites found that it's way more interesting to get the genuine colours -that's how I hope I approach my comic - I got the idea to paint comic with a mouse one Sunday night whilst waiting for a train to take me to work(I was working in post office at the time doing night shifts -all I could think about was how was I going to approach this comic from a new angle and try and make a success   out of it so I wouldn't have to work nights)I work as carer now so I'm always flying about -So my concerntration goes to pot -but might post the new page this week along with the rest of the  story so far
Again shocked by the dates of these as it just feels like yesterday when I painted these -Venezuelan model who I thought was very beautiful so I tried to see if I could get her right.-happy with the flesh tones and shadows- really had to put some objective  art up here as that's what I'm all about -I'll try and complete new comic page this week if I don't get side-tracked
Wanted to hear this cool surf song before I end this post...

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