Friday, 26 June 2015

Patrick you're Needed.

Very sad day.. thought I'd pay tribute to Patrick  Macnee -with a few videos and illustrations - this above is a try out for a photo comic may or may not do one day (I've written the script -may revise it  as after reading" Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots" -realized there are certain rules in order to write an Avengers story ) but for me John's the perfect fictious hero- an ideal to live up to, but been of working  class origins and hardly a connoisseur of Champagne (the few times I have drank it -didn't do anything for me) but it's not John's class or Eton upbringing I liked it was the fact he was  a perfect  gentleman -something I wish I could learn to be in this day and age  where it's all  horribly crass and vulgar.- he struck me as the genuine artical he  played that role so well - it's a character that will live on forever-I'm not interested in re-makes with other actors -but if there were  computer games or-animated movies they should not deviate from the original show and the comics are been produced now still bare Patrick  Macnee's likeness rather than say Ralph Fiennes -Pat  is Steed no doubt about that)
I'll feature the cover for the first Act of Story  I wrote set in the Cathy Gale era then feature a few vids featuring Pat.

One of Patricks early roles -although he'd be uncredited in many films before this one Including the original Pygmalion and The Live and Death of Colonel Blimp- He's so thin here you'd barely recognise him as "Phillips" Macnee also starred in this Powell and Pressberger classic alongside cousn David Niven Pat saw action on the channel on E Boats- as stated in first video -he's very lucky to of had that spell of bronchitis -The film also featured another recently departed legend Christopher Lee. Pat did a fair bit of work on TV (Mainly in Canada ) before The Avengers - but here is talking about the show on it's 40th Anniversary I do find it disgusting that both ITV (who would not exist without this show) and BBC  didn't even mention Patrick in the news this afternoon -instead they talked about Harry Potter -it's totally shoddy of them. Really does deserve a mention at the very least.
Great little interview  Edited version of This is Your Life from the 80's  can't embed so have to link instead
 Starred in this classic Battlestar two parter-which was perfect TV before Bullseye on Sunday afternoons. I'll round off my tribute to Pat with hs take on Steed... Ahh that's how he got the character:) and a Celt too ... related to Robn Hood from what he claims -I totally believe him. .. R.I.P Patrick -you truly  are a one off.

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