Thursday, 25 June 2015

Box Set Go.

Music "The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody"-The Mummies. Thee Original Trilogy -(including special features )closest I'll ever get to making a movie franchise featuring my creations-but you never know...

Trailer for second and the  best installment-Music -The Pink Fairies-"Raceway"
Third Trailer-with music from "Superstars"-"Heavy Action"- lots of Alan Hawkshaw in these games too I noticed Jonah didn't wind up in the final cut actors fee was too high lol... gotta hispanic Elizabeth Taylor instead. I had  far too much time on hands at the time-but it was fun -pity I don't know how to make these vids properly -(maybe I will with next console I buy)  but kinda cool -the way you create character and you can evolve them if you chose -that's something last game didn't have (aint played it yet my consoles playing up) hasn't been working properly since ceiling fell down on top of it last year ... nice to have all this one place though -still not sure what I'll do with fourth game can't string it together to make a film -not over keen on all tha Zinyak /Superhero stuff-wasn't the games original theme - still I admire the fact they've taken the risk  to move into new terroritory and they lampoon everything in these games -Next console everythings possible I hope-would like to customize the whole world and story -hope they go in that direction ... but bring back the tv or cinema made it way easer to piece together these little movies... or have mission replay in other words -

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