Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Radio July 2015 Update

Man in bra alert -some chaps need them mind you ..not me just yet Bed In Parks-Two Songs on latest playlist first time I heard them I thought "Yep!" they've got that Velvet Underground groove and image (Image can be important at end of the day-even if no one see's it lol you know in your head you were right  -I do wonder if I'd dig the Velvets if they looked liked flower power hippies with fucking beards -most  uncool in Johnworld) -a bit Galaxy 500 too .I  better thank Wildblanket the photo dude  http://www.wildblanket.com/as I'd  probably never of heard of them  otherwise... it's all happening  again it seems - pity I'm stuck where I am .. least internets a good window to  the world... if John Peel died before the internet we'd all be f**ked now.

Sisu not to be confused with Niko Bellic type rapper guy-I've featured them lately on a another blog I was most impressed -only discovered them but this materials about 3 or 4 years old -we hear nothing in UK -I hope a follow up is in the works after next Dum Dum release as I'm reminded of Cure especially Faith (a record that got me through a very rough time)and Curve as Toni had a seductive vocal .. return the favor reminds me much of  her  delivery Sandra sounds a bit like her- I really love all the Dum Dums  like a "Buzzsaw Banarama"but cooler and more clued up , Yet Sisu's  very much Sandra's project and has a long life outside that band too I hope... Peter Frame will have a grande job constructing a Rock Family Tree one day when it comes to Dum Dums and Crocodiles  lol
  It may seem I'm getting away from playing pure garage punk  -but really if it's going to be one tone one texture in a radio playlist it  gets a bit samey -and I'm not trapped in a timewarp- just selective (tend to ignore the shite and pay attention to the good )I'm not about to  start playing Happy Hardcore or Dubstep just yet - but as with last few monthes broadened the spectrum of music  I play - which is a good thing- I used to mix up funk and hip hop with the fuzz  in the early days  of Rumble Radio (The Mid 2000's I wasn't a elitist  snob -may do that again not sure might mean rearranging genres. though - I just  put it under one genre-"Cool" but that just don't exist... unless you're talkin about "Straight "here.. Mo Dapper than Wilde

A Crazy Louise Brookes never entered my mind when I first heard this lol .. Gotta hear the original now -why ? it's like Ali it's the Greatest!!! Oi Elton leave Ig alone he's trippin' his nut off and you turn up in gorrila suit -not cool.First heard this one on "Turn It Up" Radio Sussex too hence playlist the other day... "Looking at You" too.. but "Tonite " and "Velvets" was Radio Caroline (should do a playlist about them too living in mid 80's was nothing without them-but I fear they did play alot of hippy music too lol.. but yeah -have to consult memory to work out what they played) Jame's Album made up of those legendary Stooges rehearshal sessions and demos which I based my little college bands whole attitude and approach whilst Britpop was a wee embryo . .. should of kept going  but I'd look daft now . This is just Right!.. wish Jello ran for Prez he's the man... put any phoney in their place. Some great guest stars doing Iggy Duties - Wild Love is even turned ino a duet - I notice a few songs left off that album though as well as the 71 stuff (would be nice to hear those tunes properly-I have the live recordings but Iggys vocals are hard to hear) lyrics may be way too un -pc too (Fresh Rag for example) bu tthats the state the Ig was in at the time .. he's moved on and alive thank Grud.
Need more listeners changed name of station coz of stuff like this..
What is Rumble  Radio well it was the name of my station -until I decided I'm fed up of people nicking my name .. ahh whatever.

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