Friday, 3 July 2015

Remembering Jimbo

Jim's Anniversary today so I thought I'd pay my respects. Fascinating! R.I.P Ray. "The Guitar Scientest" Lots of footage featuring John -mainly about feud with band mates but I'd rather see the old sites they used to hang out when they were all buddies- Bill was much younger than the Doors themselves as far as I know -I can empathise with him now having to deal with an alcholic (and his buddies) myself it is a tragic a thing-whilst Danny who went onto write "No One Gets Out Alive" and "Wonderland Avenue" was even younger -his live spun into that cycle of addiction -but he beat it -just like Iggy -I have more respect  for someone who can do that.. but sadly for alot of people that's not possible .
I'll link this one no embedding nice story about Eric Burdon and Jim

  China White Herion  killed Jim -I think Marianne Faithful has something to say about this subject.
The  first Jim Clone -had every right to be as he was his tailor and pal January Remember reading Frank's book back in early 90's Paul was Jim's film maker  shot Feast of Friends which there's a clip of in a moment -beardy guy was Babe Hill they'd go out fishing and boozing so this footage is a good insight into Jim hanging out -Harrison Ford would of been among the film crew Never seen this .. really nice quality too.
I'll round off this Post with a clip which I only saw recently but quality was awful - but It's re-surfaced looking  much betteronoffical Doors channel nice to see a young Casey Casen (Shaggy from Scooby Doo) introduce them too  R.I.P Case.

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