Monday, 27 July 2015

Colourquakes -Post 7

2. "Back to Jackson"
3." Deviate"
4. "Skittleboy"
Not  as good as last weeks- at least thats how I see it -these random freakouts can be a bit hit and miss -seem to do these better if I'm a bit mashed rather than super sobre  I suspose -minds more freed out  although some very strange effects and colours going on in these -
"Back to Jackson" -Lee and Nancy and Jackson Pollock (now that would be a bizzare love triangle)I know it's a Johnny Cash song but had the Lee and Nancy version going on in my head. ..-"Deviate" as it began to look a bit like an evil demonic creature so I went with that -and "Trapped" as a random Admiral Ackbar head appeared as if trapped in hell (I warp and twist these images into shape ) the Admiral had to stay .- bit concerned these are not random enough though lol.

Whatta guy -would be handy to have him around but I do hate it when they voice mon calamari all wrong (like in The Clone Wars for example)-they all sound like Churchill as far as I'm concerned ... more Ackbar

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