Thursday, 23 July 2015

Brother Wayne

My mate Waynes take on Louisa Sheen -this  ones from about 10 years ago - maybe I'm borring but  she won't be as cartoony (meaning her bosoms will be more realistic in The Deadly Sins) but I guess she had an idealistic figure back when  I first came up with character- but really new story trying to get away from how superhero artists depict the human form...but this is wonderful got alot of hits on the original Rumble blog.
Here's Jacky Oh .. not sure if this how Wayne percieved me lol seeing as O'H is in my surname .. bit of a miscreant -it was to be back up story in issue 2 printed a few of them his blacks came out really nice -much stronger than my scrawls
Follow up story was in full colour -doesn't seem like Wayne has much time these days for illustration photography and helping out his local music scene seems to be his thing these days -but guy at end of story(Byron Pine) will play a key part in The Deadly Sins .
As you can see Wayne is the master of flying automobiles - I did a few designs for Louisa and Jonah's vehiciles  but Waynes made mine look naff -he understands how these things work betterthan me .. I'm better at characters.
Chilean flag in honour of my lost love .. :( .. she's actually in the "Sins" lol-we still chat now and again after years apart but she's  married and I gotta take it on the a good little Bogart... But Waynes the greatest- like me used to be on D.A but we hardly go there now .. not sure why maybe it was facebook where I just post cool songs and everyone ignores me as they're so mature or immature or both .. some people spend far too much time there-but it's handy to catch up on fave bands and comics and show support for them.And to catch up with old friends -but blogs home fort his stuff for now anyway here's Waynes gallery a DA.
A crucial player in the development of comics..


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