Sunday, 5 July 2015

Painterman 3

Photos better.. but I tried.
Half my problem  with Rumble was that I get distracted by having other grand ideas - the other problem was when I first set the comic up and got printing it up and running I was attacked and beaten up -this put me in a state of mind where I didn't want to create anymore I was so angry with the world and everything in it -so  instead of creating my own comics for a couple of years coloured other peoples work -for a fan site - I will re-post them sometime when I feel like it -I was on anti depressants and felt like a robot rather than a  creator- but colouring helped me get to understand other peoples art and what worked and what didn't- although  like The Avengers strip that I've written also tried my hand at writing a Ashes to Ashes /Life  on Mars comic -I did write the script (possible you may of read it on old blog)plan wasto do eight issues which would eventually follow Gene Hunt into 1986 and his new partner plus key moments in British English History in the 1960's 1970's and  1980's-The  Brixton Riots, Sex Pistols playing Manchester-The Miners Strike  been a few examples of  what the scripts would of contained- got up to page 2 of that- it was going well page three contained an exiting car chase -it was rather good by my standards -but then computer died and I fecking lost  it -worked so hard on that  page -had no desire to come back to it. .. anyway here's another poster -I used it for a  header of that blog for  the short tme it was up online

I was also experimenting with abstract pictures -I've always had an interest in that type of art since I first went tto college -my heroes were Kandinsky and Franz Marc-wrote my final dissertation about The Blue Rider when I was at Uni - which I guess is unusual for an illustrator and a comic artist-but I think the "spiritual in art" is key to why I create in the first place -probably try and make some more abstract pictures tonight-they  helped me get over assualt as did other things I get up to on-line all these are short term solutions though -still stuck in the same place and my life has far from progressed in the materialistic sense - that stuff brings me down alot -
Another portrait of Mona-see first" Painterman "post for first portrait-I think I painted her about four or five times(from photos-we've never met her just chatted online-same goes with subject  of next picture) but for a short while based Louisa Sheen's face and hair around her.
I think what I was trying to do with these portaits was to see if I could get emotion or a type sensuality out of a computer program in the same way a painter would when painting a portait whether I was sucessful at that I don't know,
That  last post may of sounded very doomy - but it isn't just want to make a fresh start with the characters I've come up with and re-think the world they inhabit- If I'm not interrupted this week I'll re-post the pages I've done so far with the latest page- if I do that perhaps Ican re-ignited into doing the rest -like everything I do it's an epic.

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