Saturday, 4 July 2015

Death of a Comic.

Two very rare artifacts indeed -before I self published first comic (which I couldn't sell seeing as local shop -Canterbury would only sell established titles -such as Marvel/Dark Horse/D.C ect..FFS how you even get a start in this scummy world)I made two mock ups hence binded spines to be reviewed-sent it off to reviewer who compared it to Revolver (the comic that is)Deadline and A couple of 2000ad stories-review was favourable as you will read here apart from price (which these days probably the average price of a comic -but this format never went ahead)..

I ended up printing my own with a laser copier the older black and white stories -did about 100 -150 copies -shifted a few of them but not a great deal,.. Now I see the futures digital or animated  so from now on  if I do produce a comic won't be in printed form - unless someone else wants to print them .. it was a major hassel and got me into debt -this is what  you get  for trying on your own... I'm not a businessman - I'm an "electric cave painter" with an axe  to grind  don't try and change that- it's not where I'm at. Video Slideshows I made back in the days of Myspace ... I'm slowly working on latest page of The Deadly Sins-but Rumble Comics  is officially dead - I mean everyones using that name or Rumbl eRadio I'm sick of it-I should think about copyright and all that-but still don't feel like a bigshot or anything- doubt I ever will I mean these have hardly any views-whats the point.. that's my problem that's what nags me - these are good ideas -done in an original way and nobody gives a shit -making me not got give a shit -some people are too lucky to have support and a muse I have nothing It derives from me and no one else's a lonely place ,..I try to have faith in myself - it's a rocky road ahead.

Don't get me started on social networks or deviant art  either as I might as well draw everything with big eyes and get a 1000 hits just coz it looks a bit japanese fuck that shit -it's over there too ,

My spirit and enthusiaism must return otherwise I'm dead. .. I can't let that  happen.

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