Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Futureless-Chapter 1"The Deadly Sins-Kleptomania -Pages 1-6

Bout time I put these up again -
a new page which took an age -all pages subject to updating -I needed to thrash this one out in order to get back in swing of things-but thrashing turned into sludge got burdened down with other duties but hopefully my own style dictate sand no elses does  next page will be easier
I think "Understanding " is just as valid as "All You Need Is Love" and more realistic..

Had to get PP inti the party scene another Legend. Seeing as this is a ttype of bible for the disillusioned made sense to cast Peter Sellers asDoctor Rajev loosely based on this fella I'd we're all like him.You gotta make u,se of Sellers he may turn up in other roles as story progresses The Song that Inspired this story. But Liz2's right though record speaks for itself

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