Monday, 20 July 2015

Colourquakes 6

1."Blessed Curse"
3."Bassett World "
4."Smilin' Mountain"
5."That's the Spirit!"

Don't usually talk about these happy accidents -(well sometimes they turn out as  that.) I'm happy with at least three of these apart from one or two .
I was thinking about how my celtic descendents and how they worshiped a fire god by the name of Aohd  -where my own surname derives from-wanted to learn more about his mythology -turns out he was turned into a swan for 900 years -so first pic subconciously reflects that old irish mythology -I stop the images when I feel they've hit their peak - pity I didn't learn this little gem of a story at an English primary school.

I reckon christians messed with the story -their are still swans out there with the gift of the craic lol.
Kinda Liquorice influenced picture 3.
What's Angus Deyton On?..
Final pictures title comes from a line in Blade Runner .. ..liked how this pic turned out so needed a upbeat title.

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