Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Colouring Project -Codename Quickfire.

Re-Post this story I coloured a few years ago for Blood for the Baron website http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/
Complete with original covers coloured by John Burns (tried to imitate that style of colour or at least be influenced by it ) Art from the late great John Cooper .- Bit of a crossroads this story for me -I wasn't  using layers prior to colouring this story -you call tell by the first page -but as story progresses style began to fall into place although in hindsght some of these would of benifitted from use of blur and motion filters -you can learn so much working with photoshop)Stories ultra-violent and not very believable(always liked Gerry Day's stories more as there would be tension before an action scene -this is a bit crash bam wallop )but I liked Muller a good catalyst to Scouser Trooper Jonesy and the uppercrust Rob Buckingham Codename Eagle-good character dymanic (I guess that was Gerry Day fleashing out the characters in Operation Bloodhound)GSG9 are very real -Jerry's equivilent of the S.A.S brave men .. Black October possibly based on R.A.F (Red Army Faction) or Bader Meinhoff group who these days I have more of an understanding of - it would of made a better story if we go a little insight into motivation -I guess at the time kids comics underestimated audience -Charleys War been a noteable exception to rule  but  here they are generic terrorists -Red Shadows without the uniform (cannon fodder for Quickfire)
When I think about this era we live in with eejits pointing guns at people to change how they may conceive the world -theres no revolution there -you become the enemy you are fighting -revolution is way more subtler than that ,you don't even notice it -that's the better kind .. subliminally rather than violently.

I'm wondering if I can squeeeze two pages into a week-next colouring project was meant to be "Hawks Challlenge " my problem is I'm thinking my own story now-but I did enjoy colouring these stories (I read this originally when I was 11 ) So I'll see if I can get the black and white pages for that sometime -looking at John's work here perhaps I should have a stab at Death in South America in it's entirity -but it's when can I get the time with all the stuff going on around me)Love JC he's like John Byrne one of those artists that shape your comic  book memory - One Eyed Jack been one of the first badasses I could identify from all the other comic strip characters around at the time -we lost one of the greats recently.
Seeing as this stories all about GSG9 -here's a doc about them..have to adjust subtitles for this one if you're not German.

 Had these as a kid -somewhat confusing at first as I also had Modern British Infantry and they'd always  be scrapping it out -till Dad told me that modern day Germany was an allie -I guess that's when the concept of living in peacetime first dawned on me at age of 5 lol .. not sure they made Modern Russian Infantry -Ruskie's were always the  good guys  in my battles though
Some R.A.F era Beats ...
love the seriousness and intent of the rhythm . I do believe the correct term for this tune is "Motorik" .. but here's some proper snotty Jerries... So Cool that The Mummies covered them.

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