Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pistol Packed

May even usurp the Matchbox toys logo this one -"Spunks" a very MC5 sounding word too.
Excatly what the post is .. lots of Sex and Pistols.

Very much the real Pistols as oppossed to what followed for me John did the proper stuff.ll I'll stick a few interviews and shows up featuring Johnny - very smart kid back in 77 -Likes Tim Buckley always a + strange to think of Tommy Vance as a reggae DJ -growing up with his heavy metal show -goes to show he wasn't just into one thing -you gotta be like that as this interview testifys (Complete with geniune 70's adverts -I like old adverts as they've passed their sell by date-unless it's music of course) Two recent interviews with John -always great with the Craic. First up 100 Club - a old haunt. For a Hip Hop Station -last thing John say's here is important. Two legends.. Steve,Glenn and Paul doing the rounds.. d/zbohySCCoQw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Jah on Sid. Sid Speaks(alot of this makes sense)especially when he's talking about grown ups. A decent comic I read a few monthes ago.

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