Thursday, 20 August 2015

Looking Ahead.

Bought a second hand XBOX360 yesterday-got fed up of my old one and it's laser failing to line up properly -even took it apart up to the point I didn't have the right type of screwdriver and gave in after that-the new/old one works far better thankfully -the fact I bought last generation console really is because theres so many games I haven't got around to playing -so I'll wait till Battlefront comes out before I decide to go with PS4 or XBox 1 .. (but after all the misery of XBox 360 conking up looks very much in Sonys favour a this time) On a gaming spree this week to see if I can get up to date with whats happenng in gaming universe (plus it's fun) -currently playing Mass Effect 2 (I imagiine it's very early days with that-Krogans seem easier to take down than the first game -which I gave up in frustration because of one of those charging bastards -couldn't take it down no matter what I did -) so I'll more than likely revisit tthat game too after I finish ME2 and 3 .. really awesome and immense stuff -a real treat-I just wish other games could be as epic in scale -If they ever do a Dredd or Strontium Dog game they should follow in that fashion . But this post is all about Looking ahead -and once I depart with cash for a next generation console this game will be in my top 5 of must plays. (it's really fucking me off that I can't embed -I go away for a few days and now all of a sudden it's impossible to embed videos wtf 's happened to blogger?if this keeps happening I'm leaving )anyhow here's link but it's not how I want to to present these posts Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer-
A few words from these games makers...
this lack of embedding though is ruining my blog experience as is not having those boxes "that you may also like" -sometimes I think they're screwing with me .

Also started playing Fallout 3 -very mushy so far -(as it's quite an old game)I've only just got out of the Vault so I imagine story hasn't really begun (I'll have to get used to controls too)-but this looks like a huge huge improvement-
A bit more about new game -looks like a must have
I may get obssessed -like how  I did  with Saints  Row - and make movies   out of these (ME been another epic trilogy that might get movie treatment but asking all those questions would make editing a nightmare) - but that depends on whether I want a social life again lol.

 Heard the very sad news that Yvonne Craig died yesterday -I'll feature a special Batgirl post on my other blog  later tonight (I'll more than likely have  to link those as oppossed to embedding - which is a drag -seeing as it's meant to be a video post) but  Arkham Knight is also on my shopping list once I pick up a new console -but I want to play Origins first as I never got   around to that one -(Loved Asylum and City) when I think of these games Ithink they really should do Dredd -it's a no brainer - so many stories  and  characters that could be turned into a epic game(s) -gotta be Karl and Olivia doing the voices as I think they nailed it. Arkham Knight trailer...
Luke Skywalker moonlighting-

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