Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Afterlife On Mars.

The pages  for abandonded (I do that alot with these big projects) Gene Hunt comic -the idea was  to fill in the gaps . Had this idea of a mystery which  stemmed back to the time Gene died  back in 1953 and visit different time periods in recent history in the  Life on Mars /Ashes to Ashes history  it would of  been 8 episodes long (If I continued story  be about hafway through it now) and like Pulp Fiction all in the wrong order -until final episode where things would make sense .. but these aren't my creations -so instead figured do I wanna be a fan-artist or a creator? (not getting paid for this) whilst I was happy how it was going - bloody p.c crashed swallowed up the third page which took a while to do, so instead I'll do my own characters and world - but here's the pages I did work on

and then all of a sudden the story ends(because of computer crash and having second thoughts) -what followed was a car chase where DC Summers is shot by a motorcycle rider and he crashes car into a charity shop -all of a sudden he's transported back to the Brixton Riots (accidently caused by Hunt)- whilst in second episode Maya would of been transported back to 1976 and re-united with Sam at the Freetrade  Hall when the Pistols played  there ..would of been a  cool story -but it's better if I pursue my own creations misadventures instead-as I should have a bit more faith in my own characters -they're unique so I'll stick to my guns and work on that epic instead .. but here's a few other pics linked to my  Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes story.
Thought Gene was a magnifcent character -very much a 70's man -although didn't like him much towards  end of third season as  he's  seems to be a bit ofa  Thacterite-but that's keeping true to the character I suspose -and even though he 's a foul mouthed relic -still had a bit of sympathy for  him for some reason-maybe I miss that type of plain speaking- so the shows makers got his character spot on..
Now the cat is out of the bag doubt they'd make any more of these show's (it was great enigmatic t.v-reminded me of the first time I heard my sisters copy of Hunky Dory  and the lyrics to this...)

Song was actually written before for a french singer as "My Way " the Sinatra song -good ol Dave. Some Hippy bashing :) very crazy show loved it lol -also loved Ashes but missed Sam never really got to see him again -apart from a very strange dream sequence in third season Gene turns up likea bad rash at a feminist meeting... bit of a clue as what the hells going on with the feminist talking to Chris. A little more about Sam-I was going to do at least one episode featuring him.

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