Thursday, 5 November 2015

November V

Bonfire Night I don't really care about that it' - it's really about burning spanish catholics who were my ancestors muckers -and enjoying  been a slave - not my bag - so it's a weird and macabre thing to celebrate -besides it used to drive my dogs crazy with the noise-they should make stealth fireworks Brian De Palma's "Blow Out" style -would be far prettier without all that un-warranted noise :)But without  Guy and his terrorist plot  there would be no V So  tonight  a few videos featuring V for Vendetta's creators I saw the movie (Saw it again at sisters a fewweeks ago  least she knows who this V chappy is now and what he represents as well as many more people so the movie did do some positive things  )but I read the comic years before -it's  alright much like Watchmen was -but not great in the way the original books were but  the comic will always be superior- like literature there are things which are impossible to film  It  would of made a good tv serial though if it was filmed around the time it was published (Play for Today style).
Big Al.. I think the first stories I must of read of his were a few one off Ro Busters and a beautifully illustrated and coloured ABC Warriors story in a 2000ad Annual a Steve Dillon/John Higgins Collaboration- I do wish all comics were as good as that-following that there was D.R and Quinch (I dare them to make that into a movie lol Deadpools nothing on those guys)
 Halo Jones came along around 1984-now that is a fantastic story-a daring thing to write about a female character(who wasn't just a supporting character) she wasn't a warrior type quite a normal  girl in a farf lung future -in truth Alan was writing about what was happening in 80's Britain , that clicked in my mind I guess and it was refreshingly different kind of story almost like a sci fi Love and Rockets   Just wish that Alan would come back to that story.We've  been waiting for the follow up since about 1987-

then Watchmen came out which I bought alongside first issue of the re-coloured V for Vendetta, Hellblazer #1 and Marshal Law (Dad mustof won the pools that week or it was my birthday or something)wish I still had them .. never really heard of Warrior I guess it was a little before my time -I suspect it would of been advertised in Marvel UK comics  at the time - but re-discovered it years later-a title way ahead  of it's time I guess the only other comparrison I could make is Deadline -except Deadline wasn't episodic  with  it's stories. .. Nice interview with Dave :) Old fave of mine from Marvel UK NightRaven- a badass 1920's/30's vigilante -who would appear in Hulk Weekly and Captain Britain..usually just two pages- really deserves a collected Graphic Novel treatment..I'll have to have a butchers to  see if such a thing exists

Ol V had a pretty decent singing voice...sad lyrics though.

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