Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Playlist A-Go -Go -Post 3

Gonna Party  like it's 1989 ..."1999 I Still Hate You !"

Didn't really celebrate the millenium I think I just discovered the Spiderman cheat on Tony Hawkes pro skater 2 as clock struck 12 and I think I watched Hal Hartleys "Book of Life" after that-so the new century was very low key for me -89 was cooler -three more playlists about a more exciting time starting with Kurt and the Gang. I was a fan from moment I first heard "Love Buzz" on Peel -was into Mudhoney around then too so Nirvana were like the little brother band -also happening at the same time in Engand although seemed press were more interested in Joe Bloggs trousers lol but I thought they were the best thing going on these islands...I was getting into MC5 ,Stooges ,Stones ,Blue Cheer and Hendrix so these guys made alot of sense to me..

Rounding off this late 80's/early90's mix with some "Sonic Catherdrals of Sound" as some DJ( Steve Wright?) taking the mick out music journos at the time would phrase it - journos back then  seemed kill off scenes when they saw fit and replace i with something else usually with something you didn't like -it's bollocks really good musics good music-end of story - one or a small group of  persons opinion should never dictate what's happening ... and people shouldn't be fickle enough to believe them .

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