Thursday, 10 December 2015

The 2000AD Playlist

Art- Chris Weston.
Recieved DVD of Future Shock!The Story of 2000ad through the mail today- re-watching it now -love the animated opening sequence -works really well - here's trailer for documentary highly recommended-
Which is a great excuse to re-post my 2000ad(with a nod to other Brit Comics too)playlist- looking forward to the Strontium Dog fan movie coming soon(from the makers of the excellent Judge Minty )-I'll post that here if it's on youtube or wherever  as soon as it comes out but  here's that totally Zarjaz playlist ..some new stuff added -more than likely add more as I go along-seeing as they have A-Z  of stories happening(it'll be a very long playlist ever they ever get to Z lol)

As D.R says...
Art -Brian Bolland.

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