Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas on Hoth

I wont go into great detail about The Force Awakens -but I can see why it is called that- looking forward to the follow up- perhaps we'll see Lando in that one? (like to think Lobots still doing his thang too)Nien Nunb (more of him later ) popped up as a resitance fighter as did the good Admiral. It is all very mysterious and I like that-didn't like one aspect of the story does make me hate Kylo but at same time you know the kids sick (not in cool way)-it'll drive the story on I hope It's a very different style Star Wars film -but Rogue One will have it's on style too -I imagine it's a heist movie on the Death Star -"The Galactic Job" has a fascinating cast -that'll be the next SW film to look forward to.. The leads Rey played by Private Godfreys grandniece was excellent as was Finn the Stormtrooper with a good heart the world they inhabit also fascinates me -the First Order seem to be Nazis who escaped to South America and got there act together -but they seem even more inept than the original Imperials this Snoke creature better get his act together for Episode 8 what was the Battle of Jakku like? .. I noticed Rey picked up a helmet a little like Lukes .. hope she aint his daughter too obvious and done before .. although she is a little bit like Shimi (Anakins Mum)they're are other Skywalkers apart from Luke .. perhaps we will find out why Anakin didn't have a Dad ..that has always bothered me
The battle may of been a little bit like his except a different outcome-I`get killed alot but I go for the objective unlike those homing rifle woofters.( It's seriously un-sporting)don't save them from defeat though. I've been living this game for last month or so.. looking forward to the new content although I think it should of been on disc in the first place! (like the old Battlefronts)but it's bound to be additcive and fun -just hope I'll have money when it comes out. Bit of Nien and Boba on Hoth(fave map especially on Multiplayer)when played right .. bit of Leia on Niens homeplanet -Sullust -who's better off without AI team mates -lightweights . I'm writing a script entitled "The Mandolorian Seven"- "A Old Threat" it's sequel may feature Boba on Hoth (prior to Empire Strikes Back) he would of tracked Han down within three years I'm sure.. talking of Han thee Man.. You win some you lose some ...
Updated- getting addicted to uploading these vids(only really discovered I could do this the other day) -apparently Battle of Jakku occured a year after Return of the Jedi-guess you could say it was The Empires Waterloo -this time around the proper outcome of he battle featuringthe blue Tweek chick-Leia and Han Solo -notsure how Vader, Fett and The Emperor could appear in these post Jedi battles -but it's just a bit of fun I guess.. I did have a better one than this-where I got top score for a change (usually laser fodder) but the bloody thing didn't record though -maybe another time -new maps aren't going to be from new movies -but I hope to see Tantive 4 , Death Star, Yavin 4, Bespin, Jabba's Palace or Coruscant - wonder who new heroes and villians are too(Lando, Chewie, Wedge, Nien perhaps?-I would like to see more Bounty Hunters too but they didn't get many lines unless it's Greedo for the emotes so not sure who'll they'll pick for that)

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