Monday, 18 January 2016

Golden Years-Bowie Playlist 2

Which came first ? the Ziggy or the Egg? -Bowie's outfit he wore on Top of the Pops when he performed Starman reminds me o Cadburys Creme Egg but in human form lol -had to choose this image as it featured all The Spiders from Mars (apart from pianist Mike Garson who arrived around Aladdin Sane - Ronno's the ultimate 70's Guitar Hero -i guess that was the mission to move out of th 60's and create something altogether new-the clothes were outlandish and it could of gone horribly wrong -but because of the strength of the songs and Bowies charisma and self belief it worked.. I watched all this from my mums belly button window as it all kicked off in June 72 . My original 5 Year plan has fallen through so instead these playlists will be based around a three yearperiod instead-what gets me is Ziggymania lasted or just a year within that year they had recorded three albums and played many dates all around the world -quite amazing really-also featured The Hype, Arnorld Corns(only found out about that project the other day -much of the future Ziggy material came from those days) and possibly my fave Bowie album Hunky Dory (although on this playlist it's mainly alternate versions of those songs just to make it interesting)also lenty of interviews and a documentary Iwachedlast night about the Zigsters reign. One week on.. still hard to believe - after waching and listening to all of this (80+ videos -see why the 5 year idea went out the window)you wonder if Dave pulled off a Regnald Perrin and he'd be back in about two or three years) but it's highly unlikely of course but you want to believe it- stil its great to recall the guy at his creative peak and theres Halloween Jack, The Thin White Duke and Thomas Newton to follow...

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