Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Golden Years-Bowie Playlist 1

First playlist featuring Dave -starting off with the 1960's should of featured the Konrads really but he don't sing on those and wanted to kick off with his vocals -some fascinating stuff including his early cover of Velvet Undergrounds "Waiting or The Man"(which had'nt' even been even released )I have admit prefer his moddish period to the music he produced in late Sixties but when he got it right he got it spot on. And Laughing Gnomes a good pop song (up there with "Right Said Fred" by Bernard Cribbens lol) the journey from Gnome to Heroes is a fascinating one- I think I'll concerntrate on five year periods with these one Bowies output was at breakneck speed in the 70's the next playlist will be killer.

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