Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Return of Fenn.

My first attempt at colouring in a while-first time since I started wearing bifocal glasses -actually I think I need my old ones back as I tire easy when doing stuff like this -so I know it isn't's the original drawn by the legend that is Tom Palmer

Want to get back to colouring Leia's adventure on Mandalore -I've began work on splash page once I've completed three or four pages I'll post them.the big news is that Fenn is back -whether Fenn Rau is any reation to Fenn Shysa is yet to be seen -but it's cool his first  name is Fenn (if he has a buddy called Tobbi that'll be cool too) and he's a Celt too voiced by  Tommy out of Trainspotting  so I'm dead chuffed -if he's a good guy or bad guy is yet to be revealed really -but thank you Rebel makers as it's a tip of the helmet to the original Fenn..

I wonder if Bo Katan is Sabines Mum .. hope Bo's still alive? gotta be...mind you looks like her helmets been nicked and painted over.

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