Sunday, 31 January 2016

"When the Musics Over"

Live365's gone so has my sonic haven I'm sad to say -like to thank all who listened and sent me mp3s (and I do mean all) -sorry I couldn't add more stuff towards the end as I've been looking after my Mum who's been unwell since Autumn so playlist towards end of the year was less of a priorty -sadly after Christmas got the news that  Live365 were shutting up shop -as you can see  this pic was done about 11years ago originally for Pirate Radio then  that folded (actually used to do a  live show once a week -ad-libbing and talkin to myself really isn't a talent of mine lol)may of got 1 or 2 listeners lol-then moved over to Live 365 about 2007  -stayed there for a while-then left and came back about 2011 so  this is all priorto Spotify -may do something with them -perhaps a monthly playlist which I can link on this page or something -but right now bit blue about  losing such a great platform for broadcasting-as well as the other stations that were also very entertaining .. was working on some new artwork for station -this is very much work in progress about 3% complete -when it is finaly sorted I'll possibly start  broadcasting elsewhere..but  I did have plans for the future ..

"When the Musics Over..." err turn up the Volume and find music in other noises? lol-take it Jimbo..

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