Saturday, 27 February 2016

Panther Power

I saw this the other night on IPlayer -Always had an interest in the Panthers from when I was a teen -it was something you didn't learn much about in a english school-I really got there from listening to Public Enemy ,MC5 and James Brown -My Dads nickname was Huey so I thought Huey Newton was a cool dude

The more you learn in documentary there were other great men and womenBobby Seale -Eldridge Cleaver, Fred Hampton -killed in his prime-Brothers Stokely Carmicheal & Rapp (as in the James Brown song),Angela Davis all historical figures to me-now histories trying to repeat itself -but I think it's too late -history cannot repeat itself as I'm hoping America has evolved from these times -I find that guns are the problem not the solution-but America aint England .. Only way this can end if people used there minds as a weapon as oppossed to a firestick.

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