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The Mandalorian Seven-A Old Threat-Part 1

 I promised to myself  to complete the first part of  this four part script on May the Fourth  -not sure I'll get to illustrate it(really does take time and dedication -something I can't spare at this point in time but story itself has been keeping me up a night as new ideas filter into my noggin - but if Iwas to illustrate it I'd  be inspired mainly by Ralph McQaurrie and Al Williamson the  definite Star Wars artists -here's my Al vid  slideshow  I made sometime ago
and the magic of Ralph I remember seeing his artwork on modeling kit boxes as a kid and been blown away -still am he'sthe mackdaddy Ralph's worldliveson forever-mind you I remember everytime a Stormtrooper finnished a sentence they'd have a little click -bought the dvd boxset lately andthat seems to have vannished -pity I' liked that made them more like automaton's -naturally been a Boba Fett fan he had to be driving force -I was thinking about The Good The Bad and The Ugly when I wrote this-Ben been the Good , Fett the bad and McGrrr the ugly (more about McGrrrr in a second..but yeah Fettybob had to be him because..
McGrrrr is of course the EU's inclussion of the original humanoid Jabba the Hutt -I remember seeing the actor in Private Shultz big Irish Guy Declan Mulholland so he had to be my Eli Wallach for this tale Ben Kenobi appears to in this story -an older Alec Guinness Kenobi rather than Ewan although I could hear both voices when I was writing this-I had to get him off world -when he was disguised as a Bounty Hunter in The Clone Wars series I thought that was a smart move so in this story he reprieves his deception in order to hook up with Fett without been noticed by Imperials and people hunting him Luke also appears he had to really but I didn't want a force ghost looking out for him (something that has been explored in novels)but rather find an excuse to get him offworld so Ben could keep an eye on him(although he may not turn out altogeher successful at this as story moves along) then it came to me -this particular story takes place two years before "A New Hope" Luke would of turned 18 -kinda of special hitting that age (well at least in Blighty ) so thought that a intergalactic jolly boys day out was in order-Luke been a huge fan of Max Rebo would be a good excuse-so as a treat Uncle Owen treats his Nephew (plus Biggs and Camie) to see Max on his homeworld tour (had to get that funky blue elephant into this story somehow lol)besides he only went to Jabba's Palace in original trilogy to check out Max's latest jams lotsof cameos in story won't go into big detail -hopefully they'll be surprises -some characters may need explaining as they have a rich history essentially this is a sequel to Bounty Hunter the Jango Fett game -forty or so years later
Also supporting cast come from theBlood Lines stories for Dark Horse-I liked the fact Boba had a private life a young Dad whose relationship soured gives him more dimenson -not keen so much on him having so much facetime in those comics although toned it down in the second seriesbut for the art alone these comics are worth reading
Warrant Officer Sheckil(must stop spelling name wrong lol) the other role that Jeremy portrays also plays an important role in this story (as well as his Bounty Hunter brother)
anyway without further ado my latest script....

Page 1:
Starry back drop with  the legendary lines..

Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away..

Page 2:
Episode IV
An Old Threat.
As completion of The Death Star draws to conclusion , more than ever does the  shroud of darkness descend to extinguish any remnants of the Old Republic.Whilst the resistance to the evil Galactic Empire is small it is sparse and effective  none more so  than a band of guerrilla fighters. known as the Mandalorian Protectors.

The  Emperor frustrated with  the stalemate bought upon by the shock-troop tactics of Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa  has  employed the services of  fellow Mandalorian  mercenaries  known as the Death Watch to aide in the capture of the outlaws.

In a desperate bid to escape the pursuit of nefarious bounty hunter Boba Fett -fugitive pirate Opun Mcgrrrr  and his band have  hijacked a freighter now en route to one of Mandalore's orbiting moons Corncordia .As the  ship comes under heavy bombardment  his crew face a grueling choice.

Page 3:

Frame 1:
The cargo freighter  noses down towards the green moon of  Concordia   -chased down by the smaller but deadlier Slave 1 - Fett's ship unleashes a number of  laser bolts from it's tail guns at the burning  cruiser .

Pirate:"We all know how relentless Fett is Skipper - least we might stand a chance if  we let him board-he's only one man!"

Frame 2:
The laser blasts rip through the corridors of  the  "Beleaguered Glory " causing explosions and mayhem for the passengers of the ship -the large and shaggy attired pirate turns to his  shipmate shuddering as the  sparks tear thorough the walls .

Opun Mcgrrrr:" Unthinkable - the Hutt want's me dead this time-you don't escape his clutches twice."

Frame 3:
Boba Fett  at his pilot seat - surveys the damage he's inflicted on the cargo ship - rather than his usual familiar green and red iron helmet he's wearing the blue and grey helmet seen in  his cartoon debut and the Droids series.-

Boba Fett:"You're no use to me alive McGrrrr  do the honorable thing and I will spare your crew"

Frame 4:
Fetts' voice can be  heard over the whole ships intercom where McGrrrr's hired mercenaries
suddenly halt  in there tracks  as they gather around their leader.

Boba Fett:"One more proton torpedo will settle it-unless you co-operate I will offer a quarter  my fee to the pirate who slays McGrrrrr."

Pirate 1:" A quarter ?  Fett's real stingy !

Pirate 2:"..But he ain't cheap!..  I'm in."

Pirate 3:"Jabba must want you real bad boss":

Frame 5:
Boba Fett:"You have Five Seconds before I blow you out of the sky"

Close up of McGrrrrr as it seems his hired guns have now all turned on him .Blasters trained on him front and back .

Opun McGrrrrr:"Ulp!"

Frame 6:
Exterior of "The Beleaguered Glory" as Slave One circles the critically damaged craft .

Boba Fett:"Five..."

Opun McGrrrrr:" Lets not be rash now fella's - think of the cargo on this ship's priceless"

Page 4:

Frame 7:

Close up of Opun -looking very sweaty as the blaster muzzles draw closer to his skull.

Pirate :"And you're not!"

Boba Fett:"Four"

Frame  8:

View of  Opun's boots and the pirates that  have gathered around him. a flashing silvery ball bounces to the ground over their feet.


Boba Fett: "Three" 

Opun McGrrrr:"You're throwing away a fortune-I'll pay you triple - quadru.."

Frame 9:

Slave One motions in for the kill... We can make out the Bounty Hunter in the cockpit

Boba Fett: "Two".

Pirate:" ...A  Thermal Detonator"

Frame 10:

The blurred figure of Opun  is sent flying by a familiar iron helmeted figure-the bounty hunter Rako Hardeen  as the pirates open fire accidently blasting each other in all directions.
Boba Fett:"One...":

Frame  11:
 Close up of one of  the pirates as he picks up the non activated grenade  around him laser beams and fellow crewmen falling and dying  amongst the chaos that Fett and the  silver ball has created..

 Pirate:"Hey it's a dud!"

Frame 12:
Close up of  Fett's helmet full frontal view.

Boba Fett:"Zero!".

Page 5.

Frame 13:
Slave One  sets off a volley of proton  torpedoes .
Frame 14:
Big Panel -as  huge explosions erupt throughout the "Beleaguered Glory" Slave One has rendered   the much larger bulk cruiser beyond repair  but as all this destruction  is  at hand - an escape pod is jettisoned  and begins it's trajectory to the moon's surface.

Frame 15:
Side view of Fett as he realizes that  the escape capsule is descending rapidly towards  Concordia

Boba Fett:"Blast!"

Frame 16:

Forward view of the escape capsule - in the background the burning cruiser and the  elephantine silhouette of Slave One as  it revs it's engines in pursuit of the pod.

Opun McGrrrr:"Once again I can't thank you enough.. first you break me out of Jabba's palace and now this..."

Frame 17:
Opun McGrrrrr arms  outstreached as he clutches to two handles on the wall but he is euphoric-once again  he has cheated death thanks to the quick thinking of his guardian angel-Bounty Hunter Rako Hardeen - close up of Rako's mask.

Rako Hardeen:"You can pay me later-first off we have to deal with Fett"

 Page 6:


The burning cruiser through the lenses of micro binoculars

Warrant Officer Sheckil:"You should take a look at this Dono "

Frame 18:

The imperial officer lowers his binoculars  he sits astride a giant dinosaur type lizard-much like the kind seen in The Search Begins-behind him also  astride a giant lizard is his twin brother  Dono Sheckil -although both are identical the two couldn't be more differently attired   -Warrant Officer Boru Sheckil in his clean grey overalls and black cap - whilst  Dono Sheckil  in his blood red  and green weapon covered armor the kind favored by the Death Watch .Whilst Boru is clean cut , prim and proper  as you'd expect from a imperial naval officer -Dono is unkempt and scruffy looking and battle-scarred .

Dono Sheckil:"That's some fireworks- we should send a salvage team up there. "

Warrant Officer Sheckil:"We'll have to close the deal with  General Bast before you can do anything on this rock "

Frame 19:

 The twins skirt the mountainous  landscape of Concordia  rear view of the big lizards and their riders against the backdrop of the night sky.

Dono Sheckil:" Well you're the  middleman Boru -I just hope you skills in liason have improved since your spell in the academy- Toffax  is less tolerant of whitehats than me"
Page 7:
Frame 20:

Slave 1 flying downward through the Concordia clouds towards the moons surface.

Boba Fett:"Teychenne what is it?"

Frame 21:
Boba glares down at monitor on dashboard of his ship-Teychenne Fetts Zeltron  informer appears on screen.

Teychenne:"Conner and I have entered the grounds - no  resistance.."

Boba Fett : "How's that?"

Frame 23:
Medium shot of  Teychenne and Connor in Imperial base long dead Clonetroopers  and officers carpet the floor -you can tell it's been sometime as Stormtroopers wear markings that haven't been worn within 18  years ) Conner  looks curious
Teychenne:" Seems like the local garrisson have been out  of action for some time.."

Frame 24:
Close up of fried Clonetrooper helmet off burnt skull amongst the clutter of imperial bodies
Teychenne:"Light Sabre marks  lots of severed limbs "

Frame 25: Chin view portrait of Fett as he pilots ship.

Boba Fett:"Could be Jedi, could be Bando Gorra!"

Boba Fett:"At least this  confirms my suspicions .."

Frame 26:
Slave 1 rear view as it breaks through clouds and into the mountains as the  pod meteors it's way downwards across the night sky.

Boba Fett" Listen-you must leave now-I want you  alive - I will contact you once this job is done"

Page 8:

Frame 27:

The inside of the inside of the escape pod as it crashes on the surface of Concordia -Opun and Rako are send flying  downwards as the room tilts sideways.


Frame 28:

The Pod settles Opun flat on his ass  addresses the stunned Rako

Opun McGrrrr:" You ok boss?"

Rako  Hardeen:" So much for happy landings .. "

Frame 29:
Rako Scrambles  to feet and grabs blaster heads towards escape pods exit-Opun stumbles to rise up.
Rako Hardeen"We've got move if I know Fett.."

Frame: 30 :
The pod door shunts open-revealing the Concordia landscape and in the not too far distance the sillohette of Slave 1 touching down

Rako Hardeen"He's already a step ahead of us"

Frame 31:
Fett descends from steps of craft -blaster rifle cradled in arms

Rako Hardeen" time to shake a leg McGrrrr"

Frame 32
Back view of Fett as he casually strides towards the crashed escape pod in distance-
Rako pushes the mass that is Opun McGrrr away from the wreck.

Rako Hardeen:"It's down to me to slow him down.

Page 9:
 Frame 33:
Rako aims his laser rifle its long mussle penetrates the panel borders..

Rako Hardeen:" Just one more step..."

Frame 34:

Fetts Feet come to halt on the Concordia sands..

Frame 35

Side view of  Rako  long rifle pointed towards Boba.

Rako"Wise move-now drop the blaster"

Frame 36:
Extreme close up of  Fetts T shaped visor

Boba Fett:"I know you..but you're dead?"

Frame 37:

Fetts rifle falls nearby to his feet .

Rako :"very much the rest.. remove your gauntlets"

Frame 38:
Opun's mouth is ajar as his jog for freedom comes to abrupt halt as he catches sight at approching riders ! we see Rako and Boba's standoff further in the distance


Page 10.

Frame 39:
Large Panel as Slavers on lizard-back  charge , Opun stumbles in their wake -Slavers -in appearence much like how they appear in "The Search Begins" with a  bit of Deathwatch /Maul influence here and there -big lizards they ride also look fierce , riders either brandish swords or staffs ofsome kind .

Slave Rider:"Oya!""
lettering:"Mandolorian  for "Let's Hunt!"


Frame 40
Hardeen is distracted by the fat pirates yelps and breifly takes his eyes from his rifles sights..
Opun"They're gonna kill me..."

Frame 41:
Fett unleashes a blast from his wrist rockets...

Frame 42: The missles impact  sends the Hardeen flying  his iron mask torn off by the explosion

Frame 43:

Fett stands over  the now unmasked Hardeen we see him from behind -but Fett gets a full glimpse of his bounty hunter rivals true identity now reunited with his  trusty blaster he points it the stunned Hardeen...
Boba  Fett:" You..? "

Page 11.
Frame 44:
Close up of Obi Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness-as it's only two years before A New Hope)  He tries to reason  with  the bounty hunter by using his particular brand of Jedi mind trickery.
Ben Kenobi:" We'll discuss this later -we've got to deal with those Slavers"

Frame 45:
Boba helps Ben to his feet -they are heavilly outnumbered by the raiding party -but the odds  are now stacked more in Fett's favour with a Jedi as an ally..for now at least..
Boba Fett:"right old man"

Frame 46
Kenobi now on his feet ignites his blue lightsabre  Fett downs a lizard-rider.

Ben Kenobi:"You want Opun and the Bando Gora we'll have to cooperate!"

Frame 47:
A Slaver rides away from the battle  with  Opun strapped down to his saddle rear view of lizard galloping away a look of horror from the space pirate ...


Frame 48:
Obi Wan force pushes away a number of slavers whilst wielding lighsabre in his sword hand , Fett is midair flame projector raining fire on another group of slavers.

Boba Fett:"McGrrrrr''s getting away..."

Ben Kenobi: "I've placed a tracking device on his person -best we deal with the matter at hand"
Page 12

Frame 49:
The Beleagured Glory crippled by Slave 1's assualt hangs inanimate in space-An Imperial Shuttle
with Tie Fighter escort  approaches the stricken cargo ship- rear view of the Imperial craft.
a speechbubble appears from Imperial Shuttle

Dono Sheckill:" Attenttion all hands of The Beleaurred Glory-we have come to assist you -please remain calm , as a boarding party will soon be despatched.

a speech bubble appears from The Glory..

Owen Lars"Blast it Luke it's looks like we'll never reach Orto "

Frame 50:
Owen Lars -Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter , Camie and Fixer  congregate around the ships lounge area .Amongst other passengers

Owen Lars :" They'll strip this ship of all contreband before thinking about  repairing anything-don't look like we'll be seeing the Rebo band this or any other season son"

Luke Skywalker" Just to get off world is more than enough Uncle Owen -any idea what happened earlier on?"

Frame 51:

Owen Lars:" Must of had  something to do with that Pirate business earlier on -at least  we're in safe hands what with the Imperials now involved"

Frame 52:
Sheckill ,his brother Dono now masked and a Strormtrooper squad  enter the freighter cruiser as the boarding party gains permission  to  board.

Captain Drebb:" Welcome aboard Warrant Officer -as you can see we've had quite a journey"

Frame 53:

Drebb approachs the Imperial Officer - he looks geniunely pleased to see Sheckill  -side view of Imperials and Drebb

Boru Sheckill:"I take it your craft was under attack -We'll see if we can get you spaceworthy again Cap'n "

Frame 54:
Same view only  Drebb is blown away by a laserblast  coming from the right side of the panel -

Captain Drebb:"Errrrghhh!!!"

As this happens Dono and some of the better trained Stormtroopers swing into action- his brother though is caught by the suddeness of ths event  having no combat experience it is the first time he has seen anyone gunned down let alone so cold bloodliedly in the back.

Page 13:

Frame 55

Stormtroopers Dono and Warrant Officer Buro Sheckill front view  of them opening fire laser bolts screech through the ships  corridors..

Buro Sheckill: "Blast Them!"

Frame 56:

A Nikto and  two other pirates react with there blasters  as one of there motley crew is also sent reeling from a well  placed laser bolt
Nikto:"  This Ships ours Whitehats!"

Frame  57:
Toffax's fortress against the  Concordian landscape - a heavilly defended fortification at that-

General Bast:" You're chucking in this fatman into  the bargain Toffax?"

Frame 58:

Toffax in full Death Watch slaver armour(see McQuarries original Fett designs mix it up with Death Watch motif's) has  McGrrrr by the scruff of the neck (his furry vest now gone) Toffax  is a big guy ,somewhere between Vader and Chewies height - General Bast is much like how he appears in a New Hope - whilst standing next to him in a orange flight-suit .

General Bast:"Well we do need someone on Trash Compactor duties -with a bit of discipline I'm sure he'd fit  the bill"

Frame 59:
Toffax  turns his attention to the blonde guy in the flight suit -Fenn Shysha.- behind his visor he glares at his fellow Mandalorian.

Toffax:"And what of our genuine Mandalorian Protector here..."
General Bast:" Lord Vader especially wants custody of this traitor -I think we've had a good day's business eh?"

Frame 60:
Stormtroopers frog march the two prisoners up a Imperial shuttles ramp .As Bast bids the giant Slaver farewell:

Toffax :" Where are you taking these scum anyhow?"

General Bast:"I'm afraid that's classified information - but in due time you'll know.It's been a  pleasure doing business again"

Frame 61:

Silhouette of Basts Imperial Shuttle lifting off against the Concordia sky  Toffax walks away head down cast.


Page 14:

Frame 62:

 Back on Kohlma .. the dead moon where Teychenne and Conner are investegating in the background we can make out  Sintas Vel and her daughter Ailyn walking among  a platform  to the front of the panel we can make out the familiar shape of a Mandalorian helmet -this one having to once belong to Montross Jango Fett's rival  and former comrade.
 Sintas: Vel:"Hey Conner looks like we've found Montross well his bones at least"
Conner:" Macabre Vacation   huh?"
Frame 63:

Sintas picks up the helmet and glances  into the black visor .

Sintas:"Why Bo can't let  the past  be the past.."

Conner:"Well officially you and Ailyn are on Concord Dawn awaiting my safe return ..if he even suspects you're here I'm dead."
Frame 64
Sintas bends over to inspect Montrosses Rocket pack  while Ailyn  looks over ..

Sintas"Don't tempt fate -gahh this place is so dead"

Conner :" We're leaving soon .. take what you can and meet us back at the ship.."
 Frame 65:
Aerial view  we can make out the long shape of a electrostaff  protruding from some rocks pointing diagnolly towards Sinta's who now standing strapson  the bounty hunters jet pack to her back

Sintas:"Be with you in half a parsec.. just found a way off this rock.

Frame 66:
Circular inset panel-a ringed beam (much like the one thatgot Leia in a New Hope  )rings out of the end of the long staff-


The ringed beam hits it's target catching Sinta's totally unaware in the background we can make out Aiylen  as she screams...

 Page 15:

Frame 68:

From the  rocks leap two figures firstly the familiar form of Boushh the original Boushh rather than Leia in disguise so he's very much alive here the other figure is a young man in smuggler,garb  with light brown hair

Jodo Kast: "Good shooting Boushh .. we bagged one- better deal with the little one..."

Frame 69:

Sinta' unconscious body sprawled out on the platform.. Boussh checks to see if she's out cold- Jodo on the other hand runs to a small hole in the wall-which Ailylen would have no trouble squeezing thorough  but a dead end to a full grown adult

Jodo Kast:"Hey that womp rats ran out on us..."

Frame 70:
 Boushh- produces a silver globe-excatly like the one Leia produced years later in front of Jabba
-a thermal detonator
Boushh :*Here ..pest control!"

Frame 71:
The grenade bounces against the  hard stone ground...
Jodo Kast:"Hey!..."

Frame 72:
The ball vanishes into the hole.


Frame 73:

Jodo is livid at his partner  he pulls his blaster towards the Ubese Bounty Hunter ..

Jodo Kast:"Now that's just harsh .. that was a youngling  I should..."

Boushh:" You can try..."

Page 16:
Frame 74:

Boushh swings his electo-staff/sniper rifle disarming Jodo  at lightning speed -Jodo's blaster flies out of his has hand as  electric sparks race around his arm .

Frame 75:

Jodo on his knees -the slight figure of Boussh stares down at him - in front of the crouching Kast is Montross mandalorion helmet ..Boussh points towards it.

Boussh:"But you will fail - don't let emotion get in the way of a good haul"

Frame 76:

Jodo picks up the antique helmet

Jodo :" We'll talk about this later.. should fetch a hefty price this armour"

Frame 77:
Boushh fireman lifts Sintas over his shoulder  whilst the now armoured and Jet Packed Jodo fastens his new acquirred chest plate .

Boussh:" We'll take the girl back to Lemo and Sanda -they'll have questions to ask...

Jodo Kast:" Hey what do you know.. a perfect fit!"

Frame 78:

The two Bounty Hunters and their captive venture further down cave -rear view

Boussh:" You're "all helmet no head" Jodo an old Mando saying -we'll sell it to someone worthy of that armor"

Jodo Kast:" I do feel more like a Bounty Hunter in this get up  - I must try it out"

Frame 79:

As the pair of mercenaries dissapear further down the catacoombs-Ailyn head pops out of  the  crack that  Boussh hurled the themal detonator - having avoided the explosion although her face is sooted with the blast of the explosion something catches her eye which avoided Jodo's glance.

Boussh:" Be it  at your peril, after this salvage I'm doing a job for Black Sun - not for the soft hearted"

Frame 80:

Ailyn  examines  Montrosse's duel heavy blaster pistols among the long dead bounty hunters bones.that Jodo had missed .

Page 17:
Frame 81:

The  battle onboard "The Beleagured Glory" rages on  in the ships corridors Stormtroopers are either struck down by laser fire or dishing it out -  Dono and Buro fight their corner -Dono has wrist  arm streached out much like Boba would .

Buro Sheckill :" It's no use we'll have to retreat and send re-inforcements"
Dono Sheckill:" Never say die brother -I have something up my sleeve"

Frame 82:

View from Dono's wrist rocket as he shoots green toxins towards the wildly firing pirates - the wrist rockets have a sickly green  smoke emanating  from them.

Dono Sheckill:" Observe.."

Frame 83:
The projectiles hit the  ground -creating a green fog that surrounds the pirates..

Frame 84:

... who all of sudden crash to the ships deck-a powerful knockout gas...

Frame 85:
Dono lowers wrist Buro is impressed

Buro Sheckill:" Riot Gas ?"

Dono Sheckill:" Yep-very handy when it comes  to capturing slaves un-harmed-works on any  species"

Frame 86:
Back in the ships  bar a pirate has blaster to Lukes head guns are trailed on the other passengers too"
One of the bandits yells into a inter-com

Pirate:" Listen up Imperial scum - we've got hostages in here - so I suggest some good old fashioned diplomacy or you'll have a massacre on your hands"

Page 18:

Frame 87:

Buro and Dono discuss the situation as they  listen to the pirates demands
Pirate:"And you don't want that-may generate  sympathy for your Rebel friends"
Buro:" I'll do the sweet talking here-how much of that stuff  have you got"

Frame  88:
Dono draws back his cloak to reveal a whole bandola of green tubes  -
Dono Sheckill:"Plenty"
Buro Sheckill:"Excellent -I have a idea .."

Frame 89
The moon of  Concordia Toffax speaks to one lieutenants  who is looking though some microbinoculars.

Toffax:" What is it?"

Frame 90:

The view through the micro-binoculars reveals a  man riding one the giant lizards we saw earlier carrying a long rifle heading directly towards Toffaxes fortress..

Frame 91:
The slaver lowers the binoculars and asks the warlord..

Slaver:"Rider approaching -not one of ours shall I notify the cannon crew "

Frame 92:
Toffaxes visor extreme close up
Toffax:"No not yet -lets see what he has to say -then blast him sky high"

Page 19

Frame 93:
The Imperial Shuttle  that  is carrying Fenn and McGrrrr is coming out of hyperspace

Pilot:"Grand Moff Tarkin  would like a word when we board General"

General Bast:"Very Good Captain -inform the guards to deliver the prisoners to detention block AA-45 -"

Frame 94:
Inside the  cell compartment of the shuttle  Fenn and Mcgrrr  under heavy guard  
McGrrrr:" Any idea where they're taking us Fenn?"

Fenn Shysha:" Your guess is as good as mine -least you don't have Vader to contend with"

 Frame 95:
The Shuttle  comes out of hypherspace front view-

Imperial Officer:"Stop yakking you two-believe you me fatman..."

Frame 96:
Big picture of shuttle approaching The Death Star in all it's glory

Imperial Officer:"..You've got your work cut for you -an awful amount of sanitation ha ha"

Pilot:" This is Shuttle ST107 code clearence amber  permission to..."

Page 20:
Frame 97:
All of a sudden  the shuttles interior  is shook up by a tremendous thud the prison guards and prisoners alike are thrown left and right
 Pilot : "Alert! Alert! we are under attack !"

Frame 98:

Large  image of Mandalorian Cruiser unleashing  a squadron of fighters -(a mixture of  craft seen in Rebels & the Clone Wars )some of which are concerntating there fire upon the fleeing shuttle

Pilots:"Sheilds won't hold we'll have depend of The Death Stars defenses"

General Bast:" Whoevers attacking is either insane or suicidal "

Frame 99:

The shuttle  now heavilly crippled and lopsided  enters the Death Stars massive hangers as two fighters pursue others aren't so successful as they are blasted into scrap by imperial gunners

Pilots :"Hold onto your seat General ...."

Frame 100:
The Shuttle crashlands sideways into the hanger causing much damage along the way

Lettering:" Skkraaachhh!"

Page 21
Frame 101 :
Kohlma  view of the dead moon .

Lemo:"We're moving as fast as we can your highness just loading the final artifacts onboard"

Frame 102:

The flight hanger of the  Bando Gora a large Correlian freighter is been loaded  with various  crates and items scavanged from the surface of the moon

Princess Leia:" I'm on the clock here Lemo - I have to leave Dantooine by sunrise "

Frame 103:

Lemo and Sanda talking to big computer screen on the monitor a Princess Leia complete with double bun hairstyle lots of activity in background as Lemo and Sanda's gang members move gear up ships gangway.Whilst what appears to be imperial pilots walking around the hanger-these are defectors who are heading to Dantoine to join up with the rebel alliance

Sanda:" My brother is a man of his word your highness we'll see you at the compound in a few hours

Frame 104
two of Lemo and Sanda's gang  march alongside  a block  of carbonite which a young woman is encased - this catches Leia's eye on themonitor screen...

Princess Leia :"Who is she? she's beautiful..."

Frame 105
Sanda bends down to inspect the form emerging from the carbonite -the grey form  just  motionless like a statue -devoid of life
Sanda :"A relic , guess it belonged to previous tenant here-before he ran off in a hurry-"
Princess  Leia:" You don't realise that's a living being in  there.?"

Frame 106:
Boushh  carrying Sintas over his shoulder and Jodo arrive  as Leia  is talking to the twins.

Princess Leia:" I'll have my people thaw her out -inhumane keeping her as a ornament"
Lemo:"Guess that puts  the price up  heh"

Frame 107:
Leia is furious she scoulds the pirates

Princess Leia:"We'll agree a price for the defectors and scrap but she's not up for negotiation -we are not slavers"
Frame 108:
Sanda spots the  stunned body of Sinta's laying  down at Boushh feet and points down to her
Sanda's :"And  just who is she?"

Boushh:"No idea...she was nosing around so I set for stun she should be awake soon-I  notified Fegz squad  they'll deal with any others"

Page 22:
Frame 109:
Boba Fett  in cockpit of Slave One  as he  recieves a message from  Kohlma-we can make out landscape of Concordia speeding by in the distance .

Boba Fett:" What is it  Teychenne -didn't I tell you to get off that rock?"

Teychenne:" We've uncovered some important data -we're sending it  to you now..."

Frame 110:

Teychene and Connor in a com link room Teychenne hunched over desk
 Teychene:" It concerns a Count Dooku  -your father worked for him -seems like this would where he'd come to unwind"

Frame 111:
All of a sudden the desk explodes as a laserblast strikes Teychenne is sent flying from the impact - Connor is suddenly jolted into action going for his blaster

Frame 112

Fegz and two more  of his compadres  enter the com link room  smoke from recent blast  escapes from the muzzle of Fegz blaster .

Fegz:"Intruders !Set for Kill"

Frame 113:
Fegz and his fellow pirates   recieve three ruthless laser bolts in the back although we don't see yet who issued them
 Frame 114:
Aiyleen stands over the three dead pirates wielding Montroses duel blasters -she is no stranger to dealing with lowlifes

Connor:"Aiyleen?.. but where's Mummy?"

Frame 115:

Aiyleen drags Connor by her little hand owards the catacoombs -Teychenne gazes back in a state of ponderance-the Zeltron looks worried

Aiyleen:" In the big hanger-with more of these sleemo's  we must hurry -through here"

Teychenne"I just hope Fett got that Intel .."

Page 23:
Frame 116:
Concordia- Toffaxes fortess The slaver stands beetween two big gun turrets  dead centre in fact and holds aloft McGrrrr's vest to the forefont is Ben Kenobi astride lizard steed -back view . Rako's helmet again fixed to  his head  as he continues his ruse his rifle on his back
Teychenne:" I fear we may have more than just pirates and slavers to contend  with"

Toffax:"You're looking for this Bounty Hunter or rather the man that dared to wear  this flea ridden rag "

Frame 117:

Close up side view of Rako'mask as Ben tries to use a old Jedi mind trick to obtain information

Toffax:"I'm no stranger to homing devices -I have my handmaidens sew them into my slaves fatigues in case any go astray"
 Ben Kenobi" You will tell me where he went"

Frame 118:"
Toffax stares down towards the disguised  Jedi big guns still pointed at him .

Toffax:"Half way across the galaxy by now under imperial employment-sold him off to General Bast - I'm afraid you're too late "

Frame 119:

View from gun turrets red with sights homed in on Ben and the Lizard he is astride.

Toffax:" Y'know I haven't heard from my dawn patrol lately - you didn't run into them perchance?"

Frame 120:
The twin   gun boxes are blown into smithereens  as Slave One roars  over the fort  heavy cannons making mincemeat out of Toffaxes fortification-the slaver warlord also collapases as the bricks powder away beneath him give way from the impact of the attack


Frame 121:

Toffax hits the rocky Concordia  surface- the blow of such a fall is cushioned by his heavy armour ...we an make out  a blurry silohuette of Ben and his dragon.


Ben Kenobi:"As a matter of fact we did  as it happens"

Page 24:

Frame 122:
Toffax halfway on his feet grabs a nasty looking device in his mits similar to a lightsabre  with a red button just asking to be pressed

Toffax:" The Laser Lasher  for you upstart !"

Frame 123:
The tubular device -physically removes itself from Toffaxes hand his fingers can't keep hold of the  weapon.
Ben Kenobi:"uh uh"

Frame 124:
Kenobi snatches the Lase Whip  midair  with ease.

Ben Kenobi:"Magnetic gloves-a must have for any aspiring Bounty Hunter"

Frame 125:

Toffax flat on his  ass, can only watch  as the stranger on the lizard ignites the "laser lasher" in one had whilst pointing a blaster pistol in the other-in the distance we  can make out Slave One making procedures to land  .

Ben Kenobi:" hmm these  seem to come along since my day - nice modifications! .- perhaps you need to talk my associate-and come to some kind of arrangement"

Frame 126:
Concordia space -The Beleagured Glory inactive smoke and sparks emanate around  the damaged ship... within the ship two Stormtroopers  have come across illegal  substances  within the cargo bay

Stormtrooper 1:" Death Sticks  I thought those things were made extinct decades ago"

Frame 127:
The Two  Stormtroopers are wearing special breathing apparatus as standard helmets would  still knock out a normal trooper  - there's still a faint green mist all around the ship -various Imperials inspect the merchandise that  was to be smuggled -until now in the cargo hold

Stormtrooper 2:"Me too -that's a big haul too -could be promotions all round for this one"

Page 25:

Frame 128:
A Stormtrooper with a shoulder pad  signifying rank over the two  in previous panel addresses  his two squad mates

Stormtrooper Seargent:" You two Warrent Officer Sheckill requires your assistance in the lounge "

Frame 129:
The two Troopers walk from the cargo hold into the ships corridors

Stormtrooper 1:"Got to hand it  to Shecky -smart move filling the air supply with that riot gas"

Stormtrooper 2:"That was his slaver scum of a brother, mind you minimal casualties  is always a good thing -TK 7904 wasn't so lucky though"

Frame 130:

Rear view of  Troopers as they stroll down corridor

Stormtrooper:1 "Yeah I heard droid got him-not  that  theres any clankers left onboard now"

Stormtrooper 2 "We sure did see to that"

Frame 131:

Sheckill in Oxygen mask meets the two Stormtroopers at the entrance to the lounge the haze of green is strongest in this area

Sheckill:"Glad you could make it over need as many men to carry the  unconcious back too the shuttle "

Stormtrooper 2:"Very good sir"

Frame 132:"

Stormtrooper 1 looks down at  Owen Lars snoring away -very much out for the count .

Stormtrooper 1:"Begging your pardon sir but not everyones a Pirate  here-this guy looks like a farmer"

Frame 133:
Warrent Officer Sheckill sneers through oxygen mask(much likethe one Leia and Han wore inside the asteroid when dealing with mynocks so we can see his eyes and expression

Warrent Officer Sheckill:" Doesn't matter we can't go by looks here -everyone could be guilty here"

Frame 134:
Stormtrooper One  carrying Lukes limp body through the lounge door Trooper 2 tries to get Biggs Darklighter to his feet whilst Buro and Sheckil pick up  Owen amongst all the zonked out passengers and pirates"

Warrent Officer Sheckill:" Toffax and General Bast will have a field day when they see how many slaves we've apprehended  today"

End of Part 1 .

Part 2
 "The Big Thaw".
Updated-I'd better mention the other members of supporting cast are where they fit it in - first up Lemo and Sanda -the two pirates ramshacking the dead moon -who first appeared in Star Wars #79 "The Big Con" from 1983-read this originally when I was 11-thought they were cool vllians (Lemo is that a nod to Lemmy?)excellent landspeeder chase towards the climax not much about them on the web but did find review of issue 79 -Nathan makes a mistake here that's not Sanda the green skinned chick but a gang member who goes mad with the blaster -but anyway thought they'd make interesting adversaries-I do love the 80's stories (well when they're weLl written and drawn- I'll have to complete colouring the first few pages of Death in the City of Bone in the next few days) Lando in his disguise reminded me of this Billly Ocean video and a bit of Prince too- very Jabba's Palace influenced. When I was writing this it hit me rather than having generic pirate henchmen why not set up other known characters- Jodo been one of them who I first saw in a PS1 game, then read about in Tales of the Bounty Hunters and Twins Engines of Destruction - lovethe Clint noises lol - I felt Boushh would make a appearence here too -I imagine the original Boushh would of known his martial arts going by his slight build -not sure he'd look like how he's depicted in these paintings under the mask though -I'd rather that stayed a mystery Had to feature General Bast - General here rather than Chief Bast (as story is set b4 his promotion) -Johnny Briggs Dad I think he was in Eastenders for a while too -Leslie Schofield

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