Saturday, 28 May 2016

Rogue in Vogue

Everybodies talkin' about leaving the EU -cept to me EU means Extended Universe which is kinda silly -Brexit sounds like a kind of biscuit that gives you the shits -think I'll stay in a Galaxy Far Far Away as you do.
First glimpse of new Rogue One poster dig Jyns goggles - I wonder if the set up with this movie is mentioned in the radio drama back in 70's

Antilles looks like John Wayne lol but there's loads of backstory in the original NPR show -written by Brian Daly -
I did read this Han Solo book as a lad I was sad to hear he died so young...and I'm  surprised nobodies attemped a Toprawa mod map(to my knowledge) -I hope that's the planet we see in the trailers-perhaps this Solo films they have planned  will have elements of Brian's novels.
A few photoshop renderings of some Star Warriors -I have to remind myself these days that I can do this sort of thang.

One I did for a old schoolmates son-which reminds me gotta create a Superhero or Heroine for another friend I -have messed about with Saints Row 4 to come up with designs(Superheroes aint my forte but so far I've come up with "Superchap!"  I'll post a few pics later in the week)pity my time is taken up by  routine . Life hasn't been the same since last autumn.

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