Monday, 27 June 2016


Today is the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme .. I deleted these along with Rumble blog (but they were up on flickr  and I think Tumblr although Tumblr title is totally innapropiate now but who cares no one looks anyhow kinda like here but whatever ..) I coloured this for me .. not to be sold -& no apologies to anyone who disliked  it  -it's a huge part of my development as a person and a artist -and you will never understand my reasons for trying  (Pat had a ganders though I hope he liked it- I don't live in the world of professional coloursts  but  I coloured  these  out of appreciation-of course I'd rather Joe could colour them -but I had a go .. but never tell me how to colour to make it look sale-able as it's not what I was aiming for .. I was thinking about the characters experiences - perhaps someday  I'll have a go at at Charleys BEF days not sure they're going to be re-printed but as always with Joe sublime artwork from Joe -story may of been more intriguing and historically accurate if written by Pat - but as a fan of the strip I'm glad it kept going although with another writer the late Scott Goodall.. for anyone who's never seen story here's what  I coloured many thanks to Moose Harris for providing scans  on his old site -and the late Neil Emery who was original Charleys War site owner (who sent me CD of the complete story hence smaller pic  on page 4 as computer crashed and lost my second version of that page) but this story may give a idea what it was like to be a lad  100 years ago.
You'll have to pick up all ten volumes of Charleys War to find out what happens next -it's my favourite all time comic just wish there was more stories that took this approach to real life events rather than a fantasised version of history which people rather go by (judging by some of the dumb rose tinted Winston Churchill loving  not giving a feck about the Polish which I had the misfortune to see on TV  today (which Winnie  did btw seeing as the Polish  helped Brits  out in Battle of Britain , North Africa, Italy , Monte Casino and liberating Western Europe  ) answers to why people voted Leave last Thursday.. I'm ashamed people people choose to be selectivly daft saddening -guess these freaks will always exist - heres's Pat talking about Joe .. take it away Edwin..

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