Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Anderson PSI Division --"The Four Dark Judges" -Recoloured.

 Rogue Trooper, Judge Anderson & Judge Dredd by Brett Ewins .
Two years ago I  started recolouring this Judge Anderson classic - sadly halfway I heard the artist Brett died - so gonna repost this today(as I terminated old blog) should get to work on the following episodes but  seeing as IDW have all this re-coloured now  not sure-but started colouring next episode feauring  Deadworld kinda inspired by old EC Comics for the colours on that  (as well as having to look after my house-ridden Mum's tricky juggling all these projects ) but I hope you like what I've done so far .. starts of with a  Kevin O'Neill cover script by John Wagner /Alan Grant -art  by Brett Ewins -Lettering by Tom Frame
2000ad A TO Z I'll need to get back to 2000ad playlist and add all of these so far..

Haven't picked up IDW's Dark Judges volume yet (in case it puts me off doing this  ) but I know they did a nice job on another Dredd classic -although my dream would be for Carlos Ezqurrea to do a fully painted Apocalypse those two Titan books  front covers rocked

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