Sunday, 5 June 2016

Thee Greatest!

Really had to feature Muhammad here -yet again that lamester Death is picking on the really cool people -I'm not a boxing fan really couldn't be after losing my Dad how I did but I would watch it as a kid -and Ali was kind of like a real life Superhero (kinda like Bruce Lee is)As a 70's kid have memories of when he was in his prime and talking the best trash ever (Dad thought he was a loudmouth fair enough he was  a serious motoromouth but now   I think about it  my Dad died before Ali was diagnosed with Parkinsons he had to get in as much out there  as possible as for a long time he was a silent figure on the tv that exhumed a radience of  dignity about him -Dad I suspect was a fan really it's hard not to like the  champ -although he didn't fancy Frank Bruno's  chances against Tyson - saw this advert yesterday and it made me smile

It's not untill I was a little bit older that I realised why Muhammad was so important when you're little you have no knowledge of the Vietnam War or racisim wasn't really till I learnt about Malcolm X and The Black Panthers (this would be late 80's as I was into Public Enemy and The MC5) that I saw that he more than just a boxer and why he had every right to say he was "Thee Greatest!" He was a fighter in more ways than one -fantastic poem he wrote about  AtticaMuhammad had Irish roots One of his best interviews two heroes There was a Parkinson interview where Muhammad talked about been the greatest trash collector if he never got his break -he'd go out and be the greatest no matter what was doing -and around that time that was the kind of work I was doing -left uni straight into jobs like been a binman and cleaning -(who needs comic artists ? it's like that in the real world )I was fortunate to hear that interview as I'd think about that when I did those jobs some people would turn nose up at and it registered- I'd do my best because theres a type of freedom in that - never half ass anything and you'll get to where you're going I tell myself  to this day you can apply what he said to everything in life thats why he's special to me -like James Brown he'd empower the individual-. Final vid features "Arry who'd host Sportsnight every Wednesday this is gold -

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