Monday, 19 December 2016

"It's Away!"

Finally got to see Rogue One (it's only been out a few days but seems like a eternity trying to avoid spoilers )the movie did not dissapoint especially glad to see a few familiar pilots amongst the films climatic finale battle Red Leader been one a fine tribute to Drewe Henley who passed away earlier this year who played Red Leader and uttered those immortal lines durring the Battle of Yavin-it could of been so different -he was that close ... Why George cut this scene out I'll never know .. added more to the mystery of The Clone Wars at the time viewing which Red Leader had fought in .. it didn't really expose the fact of who Lukes Father really was a bit confused as to why it ended up on editing floor along with "Bring My Shuttle!" It's strang as I was going to feature Red Leader and Porkins in the second part story I'm writing- Gold Leader also makes an appearence is this John D? remember his name appearing in the novel as a kid and was glad there were other John's out in space then again apparently red leaders nickname is "Dave "lol Good to see this mush again -seemed taller than I remember As well as seeing Rogue One I also got up to date with Rebels-I guess Wedge didn't show up in Rogue as he's kind of new to the Rebellion -strange seeing him in Imperial gear and black deffo suits Sabine Naturally this was the episode that intrigued me the most seeing as I'm writing a story about another Fenn although could be the same guy -perhaps Fenn is a title ? I look forward to the further episodes next year Killians great -he worked on Shadows of the Empire with John Wagner back in the 90's as well as the Jabba Tapes and various other Dark Horse Star Wars stories -as for Rogue One a thumbs up -similar in tone to ESB didn't play for laughs something the prequels suffered from-although Ithink humours important just prefer the Han Solo blend of humour to the Jar Jar kind Joan of Arc in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

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