Saturday, 17 December 2016

"Where are You Taking this Thing!"

That's what I ask myself about Rogue One -which I've yet to see But one of the greatest  lines from Star Wars (can't call it a New Hope -saw it when that was called by it's proper name) uttered by the late great Malcom Tierney is he the very same guy who's in Rebels cartoon this dude ? -looks like Tom Baker (who was a good mucker of Malcolm's ) the facial expressions and nose but I like this guy -Brom Titus and Tom Baker's also in this episode too so great to hear his vox again .. I must catch up with all this only seen first episode may be a good thing I haven't seen Rogue yet as the episodes will eventually connect up with the events in that movie. so Ithink I'll have a Rebels marathon  binge watch  this weekend... Tagge , seems like Marvel have a thing for this dude  he evacuated off the Death Star in the new Vader series , whilst in the original his brother cyber disco king Baron Tagge and his cutie redhead  of a sister Domina was also after Lukes blood my Dad liked this scene he  recognised the actor who played Tagge, mind you  he'd call Jedi " Jedee !" he didn't uwar nderstand my obsession with these movies thought they were "Cat!" meaning nuts  but least he watched them and laughed at the right moments. nowadays parents get it -coz thats my generation any road so I'm stuck in that 77 of state of mind no time to grow up - odd really but I  find it odd to go against your dreams George Lucas was to go over to Vietnam to film the War also got a sense of this Apocalypse Now it's so strange that this movie became a form of (unintentionally) antidote or perhaps placebo is a better word to that war and Nixon- he and his kind have gotta be Palpatine , very similar name to Palatine in Taxi Driver- Attack of the Clones  also gave me  a sense of this about Afghanisthan and Iraq the way the battle scenes with the clones were created it's the best of the prequels in my mind. although there is a real stinker scene involving a cgi cow thing lol on Naboo  -Couple a decent fan films b4 I get to the Rouge stuff I'm trying to avoid spoilers - I hope this movie doesn't make me have to re-write "A Old Threat" which is set two years before Episode IV ( 18th birthday of Luke & Leia )as The Death Star, The Rebellion and Vader are featured heavilly in story-mind you I can write around anything and make it credible not that anyone gives a feck. 
still its fun to write I plan to write alot next year ... anyway here's a nice Han Solo fan flick -the lighting is good I thought made guy who plays Solo more Harrisonesque.

make me look forward to the Solo movie Disney have planned if Lawerence Kasdems writing it's bound to be good .. rather be Solo than a do gooding Jedi type ... Hoth Stuff Star Wars Battle of the Planets Stylee could of done with this in the Early 80's Like I said avoiding spoilers I know Vades kicks ass from very crude clip on youtube thats about it - but reviews I've heard seem very favourable so it sound s like a winner... so heres all the clips from Rogue One .. hope theres Rogue 2 & 3 would like to see what excatly happened on Jakku does seem like The Empires Waterloo and Jyn should be at the heart of that. Felicty . Ghost Dog , Mads guy who plays Orson seems awesome -apparently Tarkins great -but surely you can't outdo Cushing? a must see.

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