Sunday, 8 January 2017

Back to Work

Just wish this was the new Trump administration Bob's vapourising here -he's a no nonsense guy 4sure.
Must proceed with writing in 2017 .. nothing too heavy but for fun and a form of exocism of all that stuff I was thinking in the 80's (if Gareth Edwards can do it so can I  ..come to think of it  might of met him in pub long ago but not so far away and talked about Ridley Scotts debut The Shootists  and films we liked mind you memories a bit mashed)I'll try and inspire myself to write the second act of an "Old Threat" by painting a cover image of the script I've written over the next week or two- last time I painted on photoshop very happy with result , a portrait of Judge Dredd against Mega City Skyline got him just right -very Bollandy very Kirk Douglas -very John - but what happens? My  computer goes haywire and  I can't retrieve image .. took me over two mothes to get over the loss .. at least scripts still here .. I was planning a One Eyed Jack/ Dredd crossover .. the great news is that One Eyed Jack is going to see print again I hear today .. the best thing next to a actual comic about Dirty Harry- but been a long term Dredd & Wagner fan  this is awesome news as Jacks early stories are excellent for their time  -the first step out of old school British comics at least in the mainstream

Jack in his original form was a little before my time I first read his stories in Battle Action  -when he wasn't a cop but working as a  Secret Agent which wasn't his original character really so I missed out the good stuff -although years later had the idea where he'd come across the Red Shadows  durring this period in his life .. might do that story one day - but the early stories I got to see via Eagle although not a avid reader unlike Battle and 2000ad (photostrips were a bit Jackie-esque for my tastes back then-and that's where I first saw George Micheal -I could tell  he was gay then lol , but that didn't stop my sister from sticking those pics on her wall )Very sad to hear about his death over Christmas another great loss -George dug Funkadelic and Joy Division so he wasn't Bros or Take That -he had a vast talent just got there too early -He went to same primary school as my Nephs a Bushyboy Totally 80's meets BeeGees  but I like the fact he's anonyomous when this came out -guess this was same time as Faith - but I loved The Cure then and they had copyright over that word lol
Liked this one as it reminded me of Scott Walker in his heyday with a Greek Vibe (totally different vox 4sure but the feeling ) Seems like 2016 was nowt but grief not just for famous brothers and sisters but for democracy itself it seems the Mafia in all its international forms have taken over -Guess this is the one time I'm routing for the C.I.A -get rid of this Fink he's Boris Yeltsin 2(with a ego and no vodka but easilly manipulated by dosh ) ffs bad news allround- The Next 4 Years are gonna be historical at least.Captain America don't dig this Fool and neither would Jack Kirby and thats whats important.

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