Sunday, 15 January 2017

Clone Alone.

I've started writing second part Star Wars story as well as photoshop cover featuring Boba and Ben(in Rako disguise)usually a slow process for me these days having to deal with lots of other stuff going on in the real world-but it'll get done eventually but I did however find a website where you can create your own Star Wars crawl to wait almost a year before its converted to a mp4 file so for now I'll post this which I filmed (badly) with my own camera .. but its very groovy to see your words turned into a epic crawl... An Old Threat is my follow up of kinds to Bounty Hunter computer game that came out in 2002-and the Boba Fett Blood Ties comic series that Dark Horse produced a couple years back ..but in order to understand a little better the scripts that are to follow thought I'd give these another viewing to get me into the mood to write some more this week... The events that follow Bounty Hunter are within the pages of Jango Fett Open Seasons which are explained within this video although theres a chunk of stuff missing like Jangos training of Boba and the Zam Wessel comic although is it canon now? I'd say Bounty Hunter and Open Seasons would be as it makes sense as a whole and explains why Jango was chosen to be the Clonetrooper template. May as well feature ol Bobski too I guess most of this canon, I'd like to think Aiyleen and Vaders clash with him are (where he got the dent on his helmet)-another genius John Wagner moment. Blood Ties series is too good not to be canon so heres another review -whole things up on youtube but thats stealing really writers and artists need to eat. I like Connor(and the fact Bobas got relations) -come to think Bobs got the biggest family in the galaxy-well for a humunoid. The script I'm writing also has some very famous Star Wars characters and I did figure a way to get Luke off world as well as Ben possibly its a bit outlandish to do that-but I wanted Sir Alec in this story and his connection to Mandalore as he's very much connected to that system if you're familiar with The Clone Wars series.... nice to see this in colour I've known these scenes from novel and original comic adaptation but they wound up cut from movie but it does explain Biggs relationship and Lukes status before he hooks up with Ben . theres always assholes like Fixer in any universe sadly...maybe I should write a scene where Boba hunts him down and sells Camie to Jabba,.. Enjoying Marvels take on Star Wars -Vader, Lando, Han Solo , Leia Shattered Empire and the title series to name but a few  have all been great -not one bad one yet comics license is  in good hands

Would be nice to see a Jyn or Cassian comic somewhere down the line ... speaking of Rogue One got this beauty this week-good for research as my story takes place a year before so about the same time as where Rebels is right now in the timeline ..just waiting for them to get to Dantoinne (why the Rebels leave there is explained in my story ..but don't want to give that away besides i'm writing this for fun -they'll be another offical reason I'm sure as that series continues) Jyns toys are great "Mr Iggy" & "Stormie" been my faves, So many youtube channels about Star Wars .. lots of speculation about Snoke (I like to think he's a sock puppet with a name like that) Rey been a re-incarnation of Anakin sounds terrible I just hope that's not true..doesn't sound very George like- I'd rather her Great Grand Uncle Arnorld as a Force Ghost that would be wayy cooler -he's kind of Jedi like... when I read "Jawas of Doom" back in 84 as a school kid I thought YESSS! ...then thought Noooo! but it was one of my faves for obvious reasons.

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