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As I mentioned in last post I wanted to do a Cam Kennedy post as he's one of those artists that;s been with me since the beginning and has remained within various stages of my life ...from pocket sized books to Boba Fett he's the mann -Had to order this hardback as soon as I saw it on Amazon ,I guess I didn't really understand it well as a 7 year old I didn't really have a clue about The Vietnam War or Cambodia -even though it was five years after The Fall of Saigon when it first saw print but this time around having grown up under the shadow of these conflicts and seeing Apocalypse Now and the movies and documentaries that followed I understand story far clearly

Col Walter Mann sr Retired and Chong his comrade from The Korean War feature in a story I wrote some time ago -I think the object of that story was to connect the Battle ,Action and Valiant (with One Eye Jack)up with the Action Force stories ..possibly a failed experiment you be the judge
always prefered the concept of Action Force to GI Joe if your fighting international terrorism it should be an international team sent in to deal with it..I did like the early stories as they featured both  Cam and Gerry Day (who wrote Rogue Trooper , Harry 20 and many other Battle Stories  ...) although a  hardcore Battle fan would of seen stories for what they were a means to sell toys ..which by then I felt too old for -but the concept was good as the original Red Shadow era and early Cobra stories were page turners.But this post is about Cam .. looking forward to revisting War Dog too  a unique tale for it's time told from Kazan the dogs perspective

A few Cam related videos -first up a documentary which features Cam and his work on The Light and Darkness War -seems like the work on Fighting Mann, Rogue Trooper and the VC's led up to this collaboration with Tom Veitch -more of who later -video comes from 1988 (I can tell by the Acid House smileys the Presenter is wearing here)
This one goes out to Chopper .I liked Oz(but I was more into The Judda than the actual race) but the Midnight Surfer that's my fave Chopper story..guess it was good timing skate boarding was all the rage in mid 80's when this came out and was unusual as it cast Dredd more in a villians role -so John Alan and Cam did a top job on this story Cam was a bit of regular on Dredd-I guess Kenny Who is a little biographical
Heres a review of Cams Dredd/Batman team up I'd rate it higher as it invented The Chicken Fight -and a tight script is a good script Wagner/Grant/Kennedy are master story tellers I love the way Cam does movement -when someones shot he understands the fact that the whole body goes beyond control..he illustrates the impact , something I dig about Geoff Senior too, Got a nice surprise back in 91 ..this!
Cam was instrumental in the first Star Wars revival -kept the whole thang goin' and for that he must be applauded. You had to be there Nirvana and this 91 wasn't a bad year-on the surface at least  .Have to mention Cams Charleys War art .. I guess only him and Mike Western drew that strip apart from the mighty Joe. He'd draw for Summer specials and annuals ..I remember the story he drew was about soldiers letters been censored's one of those moments in life were you question who the enemy really are. One of my fave Cam characters in Dredd,this dude...Flip Marlowe.
All time fave though are the Fett books that came out  before the Special Edition  sort of leading up to that time ....if there is to be a Fett solo movie -I'd use this approach to the characters.
The Original Hulk

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