Monday, 23 January 2017

New Avengers

Been a while since I've featured The Avengers here..perhaps its the shock of hearing about Patrick and Brian Clemence  so soon after each other , but lately been re-watching old episodes on  DVD whilst writing and colouring (working on third part of Anderson at the mo )but a few major things have occured  in Avengerland since then ...starting with the discovery of a 1961 episode starring Ian Hendry -The Tunnel of Fear.

Fabulous news hope they find more - watched the Tunnel Of Fear reconstruction last night on DVD extras before I heard the news (bit slow on the up-take ) decided to do a search as I didn't expect anything new but yay!!..whats happpening in comicland?
I'll begin with the original strips that Big Finish have adapted into radio plays as have the first series scripts I think they adapted Luther Awkwright too with David Tennant just before he became the Doctor Luth's the very first example of what they call "Steampunk" these days . Seems there's also a Avengers /Batman 1966 series crossover goin' on too
Holy Catsuits Batman! looks awesome ..The artist has nailed that  70's Saturday morning  vibe on the head here (I wonder if Arthur Lee was writing about this very telephone? lol) I'm hoping this comes out in a collective format I bought a few of the Steed and Mrs Peel books but the art looks right here -like its rooted in that world rather than 21st Century which some of the newer stories make that mistake ...still going strong which is awesome to hear....hears interview with the Writer and Artist about the team up of the late 20th Century

I'm more of a Black N White era Avengers fan and I did write a script in the kind of format the show originally had -3 acts not so fantastical as the later episodes -more of a Cold War vibe - also wanted to explore characters origins as they all have an interesting backstory especially Steed , Gale and Peel so I tried to get a bit of that in ..
I will try and get around to completing a "Knights Tale"  the written side of it at least after Iwrite second part of latest Star Wars thing  - where Emma and Honey West are caught up in a battle royale -a prelude to The Superlative Seven which starred Donald Sutherland and Lobot (Lobot was in quite a few Avengers come to think of it) Here's Dame Diana talking about her experiences on the show.

Very short excerpt of interview from 1964 with Honor in Cathy Gale gear about getting her role in Goldfinger (I'd like to think Cathy is Pussy Galore possibly worth exploring in another script -but Avengers/Honey West crossover first I reckon) In these uncertain times The Avengers are very much needed hopefully more archive of first series will turn up fingers crossed hopefully they'll release Tunnel of Fear somehow on dvd or on stream I'm most curious to see that one as Steed to be on top form (Undercover as a magician with Belly Dancers-a must see)

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