Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Last Order

New Star Wars movie title isn't the first time it's been used dates back to this 1981 comic(although this is  the UK cover for part 2  as everyone will use the US cover) classic Walt Simonson although I think he really hit his stride when Ressurection of Evil kicks off ...feels more Star Warsy once that story begins - here's the one review I can find of it -Nathan again.. must of read everything this dude... not sure he liked Dark Empires sequels mind you , love Jim Baike especially on Judge Dredd , New Statesmen and Skizz  havent read the final instalment of that story but Jims top notch maybe story wasn't right.

I hope this movie has a Samarui vibe for sure I imagine it will if Knights of Ren and Stimpey are involved. these Knights that say "NOOOOOO!" are a curious thing - are they failed students of Luke or Fanboys of Vades -according to these Aftermath books looks like they are die hard Sith fanatics we had the Beatles & The Stones -they had The Emperor and old Darthy boy -mind you I can understand sorta. Prince is always great with the Star Wars craic ...Ireckon this guys one of them although he won't reveal himself till near end of the movie possibly. Been checking out this site look for ideas for  the Boba/Ben script I'm writing -trying to keep it 70's/80's George/Ralph  like in vision and scope -I may of  nailed whats going to happen in  the final act-no rush though just wait for Ewan to turn 60-we're about the same age so it may take a while b4 it hits screens lol  ) but I'm interested in what could of happened if George and Gary Kurtz didn't go seperate ways -have to say after reading early draft of Jedi with two Death Stars and Ben coming back to life they did make the right movie with the right beats , Jabba;s Palace, Sail Barge and Lukes Showdown with Vades and Palps  were handled and paced  much better in final script would of loved to have seen Had Abaddon on screen back in 83 though.

Guess Gary didn't like those canniabl Teddy Bears but I prefered it that Han survived -I mean whats the point of rescuing him fom Jabba if he snuffs it soon after so that's the right call.Theres a mix of sad and happy the end of that movie so it struck the right chord although didn't expect to wait till 99 for the next trilogy makes you wonder if Kurtz had stuck around they'd be a prequel in 86(doubt they could of done Jah Jah then) When Boss Nass met Anakin here's young Ani in a Powell /Pressburger classic

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