Sunday, 16 April 2017

Star Ryder

 Looks like Captain  Phasma here .. but I could be wrong..
Been a very Star Warsy week what with Celebration going on in Florida -lots of highlights including Marks tribute to Carrie where he mentioned this Kinks song (He's going to be so good in this new movie looking forward to December) I've finally sorted out problem with embedding and mouse (settings doh!) still a struggle to embed vids though in some cases ... another highlight is of course was the actual trailer for The Last Jedi silly Yorkie Bar chomping voice over with but a narration and it's not quite clear who is saying those lines -could be Luke,Maz at the start or could be Ben Solo (Han Ren? -perhaps Ren is the Smith or Patel of the Star Wars galaxy lol)so Han changed it to be different . so still kind of mysterious as it should be that space battle looks epic and it looks like we get to see another Desert Planet or perhaps return to Jakku or Tatooine -I wonder about this reported Casino Planet -you'd think Lando would be there but I watched interview with Billy last night doesn't seem like he's going to be in these movies which is a pity I'd of liked to of seen what he's been doing over these last 30 years..The  other highlights included Boba Vs Bane although I hope this isn't canon or if it is it appears later but I always thought Vader created that dent in "Enemy of the Empire" besides don't want Bane to die I think he should still be around at least up till Episode 4 era so I see this as vid as a what might of been if there was a seventh season of The Clone Wars (so it's a bit early for the Bobster to have his iconic gear anyhow) Enemy of the Empires so cool it deserves to be canon ..but this is cool too so In my mind he has two helmets and they get dented in exactly the same place lol..roll on Bounty Hunter movie perhaps they explore Banes fate in that film... or perhaps thee Cad will appear in the upcoming Han Solo movie.
Another trailer  this time for Battlefront 2  good to see a story based campaign I got a bit bored with multiplayer and seeing as my ps4 packed in the other week I have to go way to the start so I can't be bothered now .. but this looks like an more expansive experience -kinda Kir Kanos (see Crimson Empire) storyline as we'll get to see from an Imperial perspective from the looks of things...but they'll never be the good guys -they have the wrong end of the stick -+ 30 years is a long time to I hope story isn't just zap zap bang bang -there's a novel that will proceed the game I'm sure that will be a great insight into the main heroine of the story.

The second Panademic Battlefront was great I still play it with the mods from time to time so I expect the same kind of leap in gameplay and innovation ..hope they don't muck it up. Then there's the final season of Rebels trailer -should be Mando City!!! ...will they carry on with another title through Galactic Civil War or will it be a Old Republic cartoon? perhaps they could do a Pirate Bounty Hunter themed show to tie in with The New Solo movie that would be a good way to feature Bane and Boba again - (will Rex get hair transplant by the time Jedi comes out seeing as he's meant to be that old Rebel Commando with a Willy Nelsonesque ponytail -thing is that dude aint a maori so how could he be Rex?)although it's nice to think he's still live and kicking in that time period.I think he disguises himself as a Biker Scout durring the Battle outside the bunker (I'm kinda eagle eyed when it comes to stuff like that seeing I've been around as long as these movies) goosebumps as Piper would say. Been busy Mass Effect Andromeda in-between buying new computer -finished main story (as they rolled credits but really halfway through as theres still tonnes to do loyalty missions , film nights making planets livable again-when game out seemed to get a grilling which it didn't deserve -my Sara's fine nowt wrong with her she's kinda like Natasha Kinski ..hopefully the initial problems will be ironed out, and that they'll be DLC on the way (they do a fine job on that usually Bioware)like the Fallout playlist this will grow and grow into a cutscene movie that'll last days. I did first video before ps4 and video crashed hence auburn hair so she had a major makeover before she went to Habitat 7  lol I was hoping to see this guy in game or that The Happy Mondays did soundtrack lol .. but here's the original Ezy Ryder

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