Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Technical Difficulties

Yet again computer snuffed it -almost immediately  after ps4  conked out (and no I didn't smash it up or lose my cool with  it decided to  flake out on me too...machines huh!  if you ask me 21st Century so far is built in obsolescence by it's very artificial nature ..just  all the mad shit that's happening right now in the news it's like they want to break the world-I'm seriously bummed --feel like  Unlucky Alf from Fast Show -can't even embed they fuck up how you embed videos using a mouse and that stupid square thing at the front of the computer that seems to have replaced using a mouse -prefer mouse -that's how I'd paint with photoshop but oh no can't use that have to use something i'm not used to and it ruins things utterly -I rely on embed codes for all the blogs I've created -wanted to feature Mass Effect playlist ..but due to even more technical difficulties can't even do that just yet
I'll try and post again when modern life isn't so rubbish -"oh bugger!" as old Unlucky Alf would say...hopefully this computer will last a bit longer although I can't  guarantee it.

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