Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Always liked Glen since I was about 3 my Dad was from same generation as Glen so my folks weren't exactly counter culture types (although he liked Dylan and Johnny C -he and Mum actually saw him when he played Ireland) so the records I'd first hear would be Glen , Perry Como Andy Williams all that kind of easy listening stuff - but you'd realize in later years it was secretly hep (like The Bangles lol) I'd read interviews with Moose in very early 90's about the genius of Jimmy Webb and that ethereal sound that they were trying to capture and I got where they were coming from as I'd hear these tunes as a 4 or 5 year old Lineman been a prime example with it's atmospheric strings , one the greatest love songs ever .. but it's a must to play that at end of this post . I'd get confused with the other Glen Campbell that played steel guitar in The Misunderstood and Juicy Lucy-I bought Sound of Confusion by The Spacemen 3 when I was about 16 and saw writing credits for Mary Ann for years thought it might be an obscure Glen record that he did when he was hanging with The Beach Boys or something -seems to have always been a household name as well as a fine musician good to know he was part of The Wrecking Crew- here's a couple of vids about that... Must of been a strange Doors gig-I think Simon & Garfunkle also supported Jimbo & the boys in there early days. Pure Magic -(any wonder theres a group of Spiderman villians named after them) here's some B Boy era Glen ://" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>never heard this -dude could sing hard song to cover ...time for the Duke vs Kilgore Glenn & The Leaves feature in 60's flick -kinda funny like Riot on Sunset Strip some great dialogue lines like" Daddy Warbucks!" sounds very Trumpy must give it a look sometime Remember hearing this first time on Out on Blue 6 radio show and been blown away features Glen and assortment of other musos including half of the Boniwell Music Machine-Glen Byrding it up Nice way to spend an hour -probably feature a few more of his shows on next HYPTV playlist- a Documentary from 2000 deserves respect for sure More Glen on next playlist but round off with another Jimmy Webb classic

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