Sunday, 6 August 2017

Summertime Blues 2

Bit of a tough one today it's my Dads anniversary always difficult day for me , it's been a difficult week too as  I found out one my mates also died -only a few years older than me I photoshop painted his son and daughter a few years ago posted it here before but no harm in posting it again
cheated a bit on hand lol but I wanted to get it done as he wanted it asap -and I did learn a few things from drawing this portrait - I will miss him loads , he was very funny in a Private Walker /Tommy Cooper type way and he was related to my Godfather -who was very much like Tommy Cooper lol-my Godfather even named his doberman after my Dad "Mad Queey " my Dad's names Hugh but most people called him Queey (not sure of the official spelling )
I was meant to post the coloured pages of The Sarge which I worked on in the last few weeks but seems like the third page got corrupted and I'm in no mood to go back to the start (I will come back to it but not today)Hopefully I'll be heading for Dorset with my sis on the 14th it'll be good to have a break from here and looking after my Mum (I'm hoping my other sister can take over those duties)a break will do me a world of good.

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