Tuesday, 12 September 2017

"Sweet Christmas!"

Really Good ticked alot of boxes -Diamondback and Cottonmouth were cool too, Shades Iago ,style a perfectly good hoodie getting ruined  he gets a better one from Meth later,I always knew QT was into this comic- He could still do Master of Kung Fu that would be a must see -I can dream lol I get where he's coming from but these Marvel stories aren't set in the 70's although they would work in that context too -Luke's gone from Funk to Hip Hop .. his characters evolved over the years but soundtrack is fantastic -evokes that era as well as the flashback scenes-good to hear this again shit if this don't play... been getting that alot with the new youtube may end playlists altogether (not a fan -even more difficult to make playlists now ) Who's this Luke cat anyhow.?.. A few interviews with stars from show- starting with Mike hope his hair don't grow back lol(I had to put up with that drag since I hit 30) -but he looked very scruffy in prison -this is a much smoother look -more like the modern civil war era Cage than the original 70's look but I don't mind Mike plays Luke  with a humbleness and grace not a gun toting idiot-he  knows how strong he is . Interview with Misty Knight actress Simone Missick (who I can't wait to see in season 2)and Cottonmouth old skool gangster with a talent to tickle the ivories had to feature Diamondback  the final clash is kind of like The Quiet Man in Harlem -more please... Where next for Luke -well he finally met Iron Fist in The Defenders -it's the best partnership since Starsky and Hutch -seems natural they work together Gonna be thee Nazz I'll leave the last word to Johnny Blaze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p0BhaTSxSg

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