Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Final playlist before I turn half 90 -assholes will tell you that's getting on  but that's bollox still feel like a 18 year old just a bit more Stipe headed (which aint a bad thing as he's kinda smart) hopefully I won't get too drunk on Saturday .. I'm looking forward to some magic oxo -a luxury for me -does help from time to time too much booze for me is poison but a good smoke does  make me see clearer rather than the opposite -a tribute to Grant, Harry and Jake amongst this playlist -I may have to get a new youtube account as  flashplayer seems to want to put wrong videos in  the many various playlists I've made over the years .. the real beast is the Fallout 4 playlist I'll post that soon -still a fair bit away from end though -although it keeps growing with all these mods that keep cropping up -creation club should really focus on creating new quests and locations if you ask me seems to be getting alot of negative feedback -but looking forward to the Tunnel Snakes content if rumours are to be believed
but on with the show ..
. thankfully I could go back to the old skool player the new one kept on creating a new playlist with the same name -it was driving me nuts and impossible to embed thankfully it's sorted now.

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