Thursday, 16 November 2017

More Gear Grinding

Finally a new computer- but no mouse just this finger bobbins (not a fan) relied on mouse to come up with my unique painting style as well as embed videos kinda in the dark with this finger bollox . 21st Century seems to be designed to confuse me-wish clock stopped at 1992 -perhaps that's my mindset I may get older on outside but still 20 on the inside - not sure I've made much of a effort to try and become old like my contemporaries sometimes I reckon a UFO has abducted them  operated on brain made them content to sit in front of Strictly or X Factor and not complain  .. A weird kind of Soma  I haven't discovered yet-maybe it's for the best.

The Saga of the Cops continues-seems like next door  which was originally frequented by a family who rented it out as a guest house -until they moved over to India may of been broken into by Squatters -another hiding place for the creep I was mistaken for - so feels like life is under surveillance - got a hard taste of that last Friday- can I trust the Old Bill now? I'd like to , but my neighbour she's got me all wrong , yesterday I was putting trash out (including her rubbish) I felt bad about the noise created by the fracas in the hallway -sure I was effing and blindin'  but really I've explained this in last post -I wasn't going to take no shit if I was totally innocent -and I'm through with groups of people who in my experience are out to harm me - when you have so many beers inside you enoughs enough -but my flatmate oh no she gave totally the wrong answer -"You can't handle your drink" then fucked off with her mutt and shut the door -I was livid -I needed to explain what happened and apologize but the situation was all of the polices creation- I've walked back home with more booze on me from a Friday night session never caused no aggro -just as I explained in last post , opened door into flat , then into my living room and that's that - but this woman is just looking for an excuse to piss me off further, whats more did the Police tell her a different take on the events ? to make them look like they weren't in the wrong -that better not be the case ,don't need another excuse to distrust the law- I just want them to catch who they need to catch -may of vented my spleen at them  , but that's only as I could see the injustice of what they were trying to do to me. There could be further fallout from this situation as I have another flatmate who lives in the middle flat-seems like a decent fella , he's a John Joseph too - but what if he just thinks I'm some kind of Pisshead Thug too- I'm fed up of people who jump to conclusions and people who weave a convenient lie just to get there own way - these people too may of be UFO abductees Mum wrote her a letter -but she don't get along with her either or my sisters for that matter -some people are fecking weird anyhow, showing no displays of empathy or understanding -don't see why I should be thick skinned -I'm the good guy here(as ever)-but this stuff grinds my gears like Peter ..
One good thing that's come out of this situation at least is it shows how much my family love me , despite been steaming as that silly mare upstairs thinks I was , they know I wasn't at fault and it was the polices mistake -they want me to take action- but if it interferes with there workhich I'd rather see done properly -and really  I'd rather forget about all this and move on .. but having stuff thrown back in my face makes me reconsider-but had a nice box of Heroes from my nieces , a DVD of Wonder Woman from my Brother in Law  and Marvel 1602 graphic novel from sister Zippy & the boys - so Il love them very much and it really cheered me up that they thought of me in this hard time.

Won't to out on the piss tomorrow instead purchase copy of Battlefront 2 go through campaign maybe check out The Punisher on Netflex - not that I'm gonna hermit out I'm only connection to outside world for my Mum (over the years she's become a housecat ) so I have to do everything  shopping wise , cooking wise and washing wise -like to break from it and have a "life" but what can you do ?
but hopefully this Friday will not be so chaotic

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