Saturday, 11 November 2017

Fuzzin, Up

Still no joy with computer  and i,ve got a mega hangover nothing unusual about that but I was atacked last night coming home in my front porch by what turned to be plain clothes police officers I knew I had done nothing except maybe have a fair bit too much to drink just watched Tracey Ulman Q.I and the Dectorists with my mates Dave and Ginny once I had last beer walked home only 5 mins this would around midnight so a typical Friday really untill I got to my front door   I did not expect to jumped upon by a bunch of lanky plods who I didn't  know for certain were plods as they didn't produce any i.d I just entered my own hallway and first thing they wanted to do was slam cuffs on me too right I'm gonna resist I had no idea what the hell was going on I don't expect to be set upon by complete strangers in my own home I was bloody furious booze didn't  help.
I dont think I hit them I may of knocked one against wall I was frightened  and angry as you can imagine but they trying to hold me down my natrual reaction is to fight back I don't like bullies i'd stand up to them at school and come out on  top but now  i'm forty fekin five I dont expect be bopping with some 20 something  whatever the hell these intrusive things in my own hallway were ._.
 I figured they may of been rozzers although how could I be sure  tried to explain they had pride integrity  and guts and I had done nothing  but they weren't   buying it  then it dawned on me  they'd made a mistake, I told the youngest one they were sloppy   you could see the resentment in his eyes .
There were 4 of these strangers in my hallway one was woman  she was smart enough to listen to my protests of innocence   I mean all I wanted to was make a coffee have a few rounds of Injustice 2 gripe & mourn my shitty lonely existence and then hit the sack the usual Friday thing in recent times .
I live as carer for my Mum shes 78  been a widow since 1990 no thanks to another violent  incident the  asshole responsible for that did no time either  I have to live with that day to day the worlds been outta tune since I was was 17 I doubt anyone ever understand me so called friends have fecked off and had nice safe lives some will never be forgiven,  I'm only son and the youngest my sisters have kids and careers;   so look after her since I got back from living in Surrey .

Anyhow lady cop rang door and got Mum I'm yelling and trying to defend myself thankfully it all came to a halt once she popped head through door and explained I was her son she had never looked more pretty  but Jesus I don't need this  I'm at no fault and  strange people are trying to shackle you jus dont mess with a unfettered  punka  like me  after a few gallons of the black stuff .
As it transpires they were after someone else  they were watching house I think it may of been a homeless person who'd been in a fight earlier that evening apparently he'd kip in bicycle  shed in our front basement ._they thought I was him when I came through front door I was wearing my wooly hat I've had since 90's so may looked a wee bit like whoever they were after but was wearing my newer leather jacket which don't  look like street person  clobber ,but they jumped on me bleeeding marvelous._ hope they  get the proper perpetrator  but "It weren't me guv onest!"to quote DB

Cheers Flintstone constabulary had a rotten week already you made it even worse.Can't punctuate writing on PS4  so a bit Joycian.
Updated -since typing this had time to reflect I know been old bill is a tough job  and I  respect that but that night I got a mad shock though
 Generally I'm a good boy  may smoke odd blunt now again but I hope I'm not a threat to anyone.I  try to act civil  .Just that Police got to me  at wrong time I'd had about 10 beers inside me when walk up the street that leads to Supermarket I'm kinda on my guard  I was mugged almost ten years ago to the day lost a chunk of front tooth as the scumbags kept kicking me that's what you get been brave they were gonna kill my friend I had to intervene they had knocked him out and held broken bottles  I was glad when police did arrive  I'm in two minds weather to get tooth sorted but it's kinda like a battlescar  kinda  Shane kinda Jery Dammers but doubt chicks understand .Just like they dont understand hair loss and all ego crushing shite life throws at me,but anyhow back to now.
Cops have visited again in there proper attire to explain there side of story which is fair enough I don't hold grudge  if there's a dangerous person out there  he needs to be caught  just my damn bad luck to get caught in crossfire.
I do feel bad about been abusive to cops I was loaded but fine not wobbly not unaware._but when was going for my key to open front door they thought I was reaching for a shank I had no idea what there game was had Trump invaded UK and declared martial law ? Did I defy a curfew? I was was watching iplayer prior but avoided news as it bums one out after all that beer  ._I'll let this slide fortunate our police don't carry firearms as I might be brown bread .
I doubt I'd get away with it anywhere else just a megashock  to system but rather have our Busies over anyone else like l said b4 hope they get the real guy we've been victims of crime it's distorted our lives ._.Always better if true  justice  was served.

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